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10 Items San Antonio Movers Need You to Know About

3 Men Movers has San Antonio movers that can disassemble and reassemble your furniture, but it always depends on the size, complexity and nature of item in question. With some moving companies disassembling and reassembling is seen as an extra service and there are additional charges. You should always mention these items before you book and ask about policies regarding them and any charges that may come along with it.

There are many items that you may not be thinking about before your move, but they will usually need disassembling and reassembling.

In order to save you any surprises before your move, we have included some helpful company information to assist you in knowing what to expect from our San Antonio movers, and other information on how other companies may handle these items.

Here are 10 Items 3 Men Movers of San Antonio feel you need to know about:items san antonio movers need

1) Baby cribs

Yes and no. At 3 Men Movers, our San Antonio movers will disassemble and move your baby crib. The movers will wrap the bolts and screws in the plastic and attach it to the bed. Our movers and most other moving companies in San Antonio and many other large cities for that matter, will not reassemble your baby crib. You will be in charge of reassembling your baby crib at your new home. A baby crib holds one of the most precious things on the planet and most moving companies cannot take on that liability.

2) Pool tables

Because a pool table can be damaged so easily and are typically quite expensive, we will not disassemble or reassemble pool tables. If the customer handles disassembling and reassembling the pool table, our San Antonio movers will move pool tables at an extra cost.

The policies and costs differ by company, but the cost for our movers to move your pool table is $40 first floor to first floor and for each flight of stairs it is an extra $100. This extra charge for moving pool tables is because of the excess weight that comes with pool tables, if the pool table does not have the concrete slate we do not charge extra to move your pool table.

3) Beds

We will disassemble and reassemble all beds including sleep number beds and posture pedic beds. This is something you would still want to clarify with your mover on the phone before you finalize the booking, specify the type and size of the bed. Always let your mover know if the bed is a special type of bed or a custom made bed that may not be like the typical bed that movers expect.

We will also disassemble, reassemble and move waterbeds but they must already be drained before our movers arrive.

4) Credenza

A credenza is typically a long side cabinet used for storage, often used to support a hutch. Credenzas can come in many sizes and styles. 3 Men Movers will not charge extra to disassemble or reassemble your credenza. There is also no extra charge to move your credenza if it weighs under 300 lbs. Any item over 300 pounds will have an extra charge to be moved.

5) Cubicles

It takes extra training to be able to move cubicles properly. 3 Men Movers do have movers that are trained in moving cubicles for office moves in San Antonio and Houston. The filing cabinets must already be disconnected from the power source before the move. Movers do not reconnect them to the power source.

6) Ikea furniture

Ikea is a home products company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble home furniture such as beds, chairs, desks, appliances and home accessories. There are large, popular Ikea stores in Houston and San Antonio Texas, we often get asked if we can disassemble, reassemble and move Ikea furniture.

3 Men Movers can do it but some of the Ikea furniture takes longer than others depending on the product, amount of pieces and labor that goes into it. There is no extra charge for moving Ikea furniture as long as it is under 300 pounds. Also, keep in mind, that just because it had to be assembled when you bought it, it might not be necessary to disassemble it before your move. As long as the item is not too large or complex it should move quite easily without being disassembled.

7) Swing sets

Most moving companies, including 3 Men Movers do not disassemble or reassemble swing sets, but we move them if they are already disassembled.

8) Fish tanks

Because of the complex nature of fish tanks and the incredible labor and expense that is typically put into them, 3 Men Movers does not dissasemble or reassemble fish tanks. It takes a very specialized training to prepare these fragile items for a move. Our movers will move them if they are disassembled, prepared or crated before the move.

9) Commercial coolers

3 Men Movers more than likely will not disassemble, reassemble or move large commercial coolers for businesses or restaurants. There is special equipment necessary to move commercial coolers properly and the typical weight is more than is supported with our equipment.

Contact 3 Men Movers with the exact size and weight of your commercial cooler.

10) Large book shelves

3 Men Movers will disassemble, reassemble and move large book shelves, but the books must be removed.
Policies and charges will differ from company to company for disassembling and reassembling you home items. Your moving specialist or individual booking you for your moving company should be happy to educate you and answer any questions you may have. If you feel you are not being properly informed or that a mover is holding something back from you, continue to find a company that will inform you of what to expect and treat you as you deserve to be treated, like a valued customer.

We appreciate your interest and hope to hear from some of you on what you may have run into that needed extra attention during your move. Please add any comments or questions below.

We hope you check out our free moving checklist to assist you with your move!