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2021 Year In Review

2021 Year In Review: 

The Best Is Yet To Come

It’s finally here! 

We’ve been waiting for 2022 with all the excitement and bated breath of a kindergartener in line for recess—but we can’t skip looking back on the journey that led us here.

Things were much brighter in 2021 when compared to the previous year… In fact, our personal lives weren’t anywhere near as unpredictable as in 2020. 

For business, it was clear that the in-person service concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic weren’t going anywhere.  Yet, the formerly widespread restrictions that complicated moves in 2020 were easier for us to navigate and adapt to so we could serve you better this past year. We tightened up processes and our crews still found ways to give you extraordinary and efficient moving experiences. (After all, preparation is a moving company’s best friend!) 

There were plenty of valuable moments throughout 2021. Some made us smile and grow, others helped us level up and reach even more customers who need trustworthy, expert movers. Overall, we’ve turned over a new year and know the best is yet to come for everyone.

Check out some of these top highlights of 2021 down below!

We Hustle

There’s a reason why thousands of Texans trust us to help them transition or store everything they have. Moving fast and efficiently is what we do best. We even have the moves to back it up!

We Respect That Your Home Is Sacred

Yes, we gave away free storage—but it was way more than that: Winter Storm Uri left many Texans without power and caused massive leaks from burst pipes that ruined homes.

So, we stepped up to the plate by donating $31,625 in free monthly storage for our MOVITS portable containers!  

We’re more than honored to help our communities put the ravages of a freak storm in the past and put the pieces of their homes back together at their own pace.

After Storm Uri burst pipes all over Houston, 115 lucky customers enjoyed free rent on portable MOVITS™ storage containers.

We Go Beyond

A business is only as good as its talent, and we absolutely invest in the people who keep things moving. 

Growing our Sales and Customer Service staff and drivers helps us assist you whenever and wherever you need us!

26% increase in talented Moving Experts across two countries (US & Panama) and four states (Texas, South Carolina, Illinois, & Florida)!

We answered 212k calls for help with moving, packing, & storage in Texas!

Expanded moving crews by 20%.

Our drivers are the lifeblood of the business! We love helping people who wouldn’t normally own get their own businesses finally reach their dreams.

23% increase in available moving trucks to meet growing demand across Texas.

Launched a flagship packing crew—a company first in Dallas!

“We have seen cultural changes throughout the company that have been very satisfying to see.  People sincerely care about their co-workers and I love that. 

We have continued to grow tighter as a team.  With such an increase in volume, that sometimes drives teams apart, but we bucked the norm.”

“We executed the plan to grow leaders from within and leveraged talents from each group to create a solid, well-supported hierarchy to meet goals.

[Help Desk] team made huge strides to make engagement, preparation, and caring for our crews, employees, and customers [our] mission #1.”

We Are the Experts

Expertise comes with experience—and 2021 taught each one of us a lot. Between the pivots, challenges, and changes, everything we learned serves to ultimately make us better at serving our customers and supporting our crews and staff.

Sales & Customer Service: 

Biggest Successes- “People in my department have learned how to sell and do so in a way that is still about serving the customer.” 

Proudest Moments- “The team is very close and are always helping each other learn.  They are intrinsically motivated and care about each other’s successes. [I’m proud of] the amount of growth and promotion from within that we have been able to facilitate.”

Business Development:

Biggest Successes- “[We gained] clarity on the mission for national expansion.”

Proudest Moments- “Collaboration and communication is the best in history as well as revenue was also the highest in company history. We are process-driven but continue to calibrate our processes and systems to achieve optimum results. That makes it easy for people to join teams and ramp up quickly. We do this by focusing on our Movifesto which allows business growth from the inside out.”


Biggest Successes- “[Biggest successes were] establishing a streamlined dispatch process… the beginning of our compliance programs that will lead into a new year of operation with [fewer] risks.”

Proudest Moments- “Great job overcoming environmental threats of the changes driven by the pandemic! Also great at maintaining employee engagement. Our team is very much an adapt-and-overcome group that has no fear of communicating obstacles or issues to their leadership!”


Biggest Successes- “New releases and updates to the [drivers communication] app and new 3 Men Movers website.”

Proudest Moments- “This was the best year in the history of the company and that was a result of great teamwork.”

We arrive as strangers and leave as friends

Giving back and having fun is a major motivator for our team… and so are the smiles and transformations we’re lucky enough to see afterward! Our work speaks for itself through loyal, delighted people and kickass community awards.

Culture & Community Care

  • Our staff and your safety come first! So, anyone who was sick with or exposed to COVID-19 could rest at home.  We extended PTO benefits to pay over $1,300 in 68 hours for anyone affected.
  • Financial wellness & first-time homebuying seminars for employees
  • Free Audible and Masterclass accounts for employee usage
  • Onsite events, parties, and virtual social hangouts (following COVID-19 safety recommendations)
  • Thanksgiving food gift baskets for employees and drivers
  • Giving away Thanksgiving turkeys to San Antonio families in need with Spurs star, Keldon Johnson
  • Voluntary onsite vaccination clinic at office for employees and their loved ones.

2021 was brimming with awards based on lots of love from loyal customers and local publications!

Highlights of The Year

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