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3 Clever Tips To Save Money On Your Move

3 Clever Ways To Save Money On Your Move - San Antonio Movers

3 Clever Tips To Save Money On Your Move - San Antonio Movers

When it comes to moving, the only thing scarier than doing it alone is spending more money than you have to. The right San Antonio moving company understands your fears and will help you overcome them. That’s why the crew at 3 Men Movers would be happy to not only help you move but also ensure that you don’t go over your budget.

The following three tips will you save money on your move.

Lighten the Load Before You Move

The more boxes and furniture that you have to move, the longer the move takes…and that bumps up the price fast! So the number one way to save money is to have as few items as possible for your San Antonio movers to load up. That doesn’t mean you have to throw out all your possessions and start over at the new house, but it wouldn’t hurt to get rid of a few things you’re not using anymore. Better yet, toss any unusable junk and then donate anything that still has some life left in it.

For example, if your closet is stuffed to the brim with clothing, maybe it’s time to give away those pants that haven’t fit you since high school. Let’s face it; even if you’re able to squeeze into them again soon, chances are they are out of style by now! Just give them to charity and treat yourself to a shopping day after the move.

And you know that classic red and yellow Little Tikes car you’ve been holding onto all these years? If your kids are in college–or really any older than five–it’s probably time to get rid of it! Some local charities make donating easy by picking up the many will pick up anything you want to give away. They’ll even give you a tax receipt, further saving you money before your San Antonio movers arrive.

Be Completely Packed Before Your San Antonio Movers Show Up

Some people try to save time by moving small things themselves, taking several trips from the old house to the new house. But in all honesty, your time would be better spent making sure your entire house is packed before your San Antonio movers show up. This way, they can begin moving your boxes onto the truck shortly after they arrive.

This definitely beats trying to cram random objects into your car and wasting your time and gas going back and forth between houses as you attempt to slowly transport your belongings. Let your San Antonio movers do all that. They’re the moving experts after all!

Label Everything

As you pack, label all your boxes. Sure, this won’t save your San Antonio moving company any time when it comes to loading up the boxes, but it will make the unloading process a lot easier, shorter and less costly for you.

You can simply label every box with the name of the room it’s going into, along with an idea of what it is. An example might be "master bedroom: books." Or you can get a little more creative by color coordinate everything. So put a green label on a box and write which room it goes into and what’s in it. Then put a green sign or sticker on the door to that room. This way, your San Antonio movers won’t even have to stop to read labels during the move, shortening the day and saving you money!

And if you’re in a San Antonio high-rise, here’s a bonus tip: reserve an elevator for moving day. Sharing one with your neighbors will dramatically delay your move, costing you more in the long run.

Want more moving tips, or considering hiring San Antonio movers? Contact our San Antonio office today!

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