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How 3 Men Movers Handles Office Moves

How we handle office moves

How 3 Men Movers Handles Office Moves

Moving from one house to another is hard, but moving from one office to another is even harder! After all, your office is probably bigger than your house, and your “work family” is likely even bigger than your actual family. That means more things to move and more people to coordinate with. Fortunately, a simple phone call to 3 Men Movers will put you in touch with experienced Houston office movers. Here’s what you need to know before you start your office move.

Read the Rules

Planning is a big part of any move, but it’s especially important for office moves. That’s because you don’t just have to consult with your household. Instead, you have to reach out to your building management company, which probably has limited hours and a long list of rules that might surprise you.

Your first step is to get your hands on that list of rules for office moves. It might contain some specific regulations you haven’t thought about, like the type of padding your Houston office movers must use to protect the floor. You’ll also need a Certificate of Insurance, which most Houston moving companies can supply upon request. This will assure the building management company that your movers can pay for repairs if they damage the property while helping your office relocate.

Make Any Necessary Reservations

Sure, you’ll want to go out for a celebratory dinner after the move is done, but dinner reservations actually aren’t the most important reservations to make for your move. Elevator reservations are, assuming your building has more than one floor! Can you imagine having to share an elevator with everyone else in the building? You’d spend the day watching your Houston office movers try to squeeze desk after desk into a small space next to other building occupants and their clients.

This is why most building management companies actually require you to reserve the elevator for a specific timeframe on moving day. Yours might also require you to use the freight elevator, so you definitely want to check the rules as you plan an office move. And while we’re talking about reservations, consider reserving a loading dock for moving day. Much like your elevator reservation, this will speed up the move because the dock should be pretty close to the building. This means you can get to your new office faster and pay less for the relocation help.

Communicate with Houston Office Movers

A big part of a smooth office move is good communication, starting with talking to your Houston office movers before moving day. First, let them know what kind of furniture you have. As most experienced Houston moving companies know, there are two main types of office furniture. The freestanding kind is easy to move, like most residential furniture. But the other kind includes cubicles, also called workstations. These are harder to move, so you need to let your movers know ahead of time so they can put someone on the job who is experienced at this.

This is because some cubicles are hardwired into the electrical system. If you see plugs under yours, with wires going into the wall, they’re probably hardwired, so you need to hire an electrician to come unhook them first. Also, when Houston office movers take down cubicles, they have to set them up the same way they took them down. They can’t reconfigure them. And if you have any rented equipment–such as photocopiers–call the number you see on it before you move. There may be specific rules to follow to safely move it.

Now that you know how we handle office moves, feel free to arrange your Houston move with us! At 3 Men Movers, we’ve figured out how to help local businesses move safely and quickly. We even have an efficient system worked out, where one mover walks everything to the elevator and hands it off to another mover, who pushes the button and goes down with the furnitureā€¦at which point another person takes the furniture from the elevator to the truck. As you can see, your office furniture is in good hands with 3 Men Movers! Call today to schedule your move.

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