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3 Men Movers Leverages iPads To Go PAPERLESS

3 Men Movers Leverages iPads To Go PAPERLESS

Going paperless means that 3 Men Movers will be saving thousands and thousands of trees each year! By helping the environment out, our Texas movers and packers will be able to help you faster and easier than ever before. We are now serving all major Texas cities: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas!

3 Men Movers has gone PAPERLESS!

Our movers know how much this is going to make your moving process easier. At 3 Men Movers, we leverage technology to scale our company while increasing our profitability. 3 Men Movers has recently completed our project to go paperless by providing all of our Crew Leaders with iPads. Our Houston movers are now much more comfortable now that everything is digital! Our iPads make the following information available:

For our Movers:

  • Real-time dispatch data delivered to their iPads so that the Drivers do not need to come into the office daily to pick up paper invoices.
  • Key Performance Indicators that enable our movers to view their customer satisfaction scores and obtain any existing damage claims in real time.
  • A portal that allows our Movers with access to their payroll information.
  • Secure mobile payment center for customers with emailed receipts.

Everything that can be automated is automated. While other moving companies are waiting to get feedback on when a driver shows up late to a job, our iPads send us a message in real time so we know there is an issue and our operations department can spring into action. Our Accounting department is able to scale without having to hire more data entry people. We utilize these savings to make the customers’ experience more delightful with more customer service positions.Our paperless process, complimentary electronic recycling service, and our free of charge box-recycling program are some of the efforts we use to stay on top of the changes in our industry and become more environmentally friendly.  We are currently the only moving company that has electronic recycling and have been recognized by the Houston’s mayor for our efforts.