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3 Men Movers Wins Over 5 New Fans – The Busby Quintuplets

We got the special privilege to move the Busby quintuplets! The Busby family needed more than muscle – they needed reliable, professional movers that would allow them to focus on their daughters, not the logistics of a move. Check out the cutest “Little Movers” in town and read about their special move!

A VERY Special Move:

3 Men Movers Moves The Busby QuintupletsWhen Adam Busby called us, he explained that he wasn’t not going to be our average customer… he and his wife needed assistance moving their all-girl quintuplets into a bigger home. Parents of 6 beautiful daughters (5 of which were only 8 months old), the Busbys weren’t just looking for muscle; they needed reliable, professional movers that would allow them to focus on getting their daughters acclimated to a new space, not on the logistics of a move.

Moves can be one of the most stressful experiences of our entire lives… they have a way of making even the most type-A and prepared among us feel as if we couldn’t possibly be more disorganized – something the Busby family was beginning to feel. They were wrapping up Season One of their new TLC show when their old home sold before they could close on a new home. The pressure to pack, but leave themselves with the essentials to care for a 4 year old and 5 babies was no easy task – that’s the moment they decided to call in the professionals.

Over the past 30 years we’ve found that the secret to a happy move rests in the crew you hire. Extensive background checks, driving record inspections, physical exams, and our Crew Leader Certification program ensure that every mover on our team is hardworking and equipped to handle whatever you could throw their way – even a quintuplets move. The Busby family heard about our “high standards, happy customers” business model, and decided to put their BIG move in our hands.

The Day Of:3 Men Movers Moves The Busby Quintuplets

The weather could not have been any nicer that Saturday morning. Tito and crew got there at 8am sharp and jumped right into packing up any loose items. Feeling comfortable with the move and the pace, Mrs. Busby filed all 6 troops out the door about 30 minutes into the move. Seeing the quintuplets (in matching outfits) look around in wonder put the biggest smiles on our faces.

Tito got the Busby’s items wrapped and loaded into our the as if they were his own – ensuring everything arrived at point B the way they left point A. When it was all said and done, we got this family of 8 completely moved within 5 hours. Mrs. Busby called us her “knights in shining armor” – coming from a busy Mom of 6, we could not have been paid a higher compliment.

Thank You Busby Family:

We got the Busby family all moved in before the Christmas/New Year holidays, and left them with 5 “Little Movers” onesies as a token of our appreciation. Last week we got an email from them with the cutest picture – the photo attached at the beginning of this post. We are over the moon that we got to work with such an amazing family. Keep an eye out for their new TLC show and check out their It’s A Buzz World blog to read more about their move and other adventures.