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The 4 “C’s” of Moving Into Your First Apartment with Roommates

Tips on moving into your first apartment with roommates


There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to leave the nest and strike out on their own–or rather, with roommates. If that time for you is now, you’re probably excited…and maybe a little anxious! After all, this is the first time you’ve lived with someone you don’t call mom and dad. Well, here at our Austin moving company, we’ve helped a lot of people move into their first apartment with roommates, so we feel like we’ve seen it all. As a result, we’ve come up with some tips that we like to call “the four C’s.” Check them out as you start packing in preparation for your move.


In our years as an Austin moving company, we’ve found that what’s most important is starting things off on the right foot. You can do that by being communicative. Start by meeting with your roommates to discuss your upcoming move, because you need to talk about what to expect before your Austin movers arrive.

This meeting is the time to decide who will do what during and after the move. Basically, who is going to set up the utilities, pick up the keys, get the keys copied, and determine how the bills will be split? And who is moving in when? After all, moving in all at once would be very confusing, with two or three Austin movers rushing all over your new home with heavy furniture and boxes. And if something gets broken, you won’t know which Austin moving company to report the damages to. So it’s best to schedule one mover at a time if you want to keep the moving madness to a minimum!

Communal Areas

When you have roommates, your new home is divided into personal space and communal areas. You can probably do what you want in your own room, but what about the family room, living room or den? In any space you share with roommates, you’ll have to decide how to lay out the furniture, what décor will go on the walls, and how housework will be split up.

You’ll also have to determine how you can treat the communal space. Can you play loud music there? Can you invite friends over? And are those friends ever allowed to crash on the couch overnight? Try to figure out the answers to these critical questions before your Austin movers arrive to move all your stuff in. This way, you’ll know the house rules before you even get settled in your new home.

Consideration for Your Roommates

If you want to get along with your roommates–and you do, if you value your sanity!–you need to be considerate of their lifestyles. No matter how perfectly normal you consider yourself, there are probably a few things you do differently from your roommates, and they’ll discover the same soon enough.

Just be prepared to be accepting of those little differences if you want to live in peace. Maybe you’re an early bird and your roommate is a night owl. Perhaps you value silence and your roommate is in the middle of learning the drums. Just talk about these topics first–and set some rules if necessary–so you all know what to expect when you move in together. After all, it’s best to talk about subjects that get under your skin before they come to a head.


Okay, maybe this should have been “the three C’s,” because there’s not much to this point except to suggest a party–which might have already occurred to you. So as soon as your Austin movers leave, get to planning that celebration for a chance to revel in the fact that your move is over and you’re starting a new adventure with friends!

Now that you’re ready to move, it’s time to make sure you’ll have help on moving day. Contact our Austin moving company today to get on our schedule!
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