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4 Reasons Why Local Movers Should Volunteer

4 Reasons Why Local Movers Should Volunteer

4 Reasons Why Local Movers Should Volunteer

If you’re looking for local movers, you’ll probably find a lot of choices when you put "movers near me" into Google. In fact, you’ll see an overwhelming number of Houston movers who would be happy to help you move. But how many of them are truly good people who show their kindness by regularly volunteering in their community? Probably not all of them, and that’s an issue, because there are lots of reasons local movers should make it a point to volunteer. Here are just four of them.

Team Building

Many local movers do some sort of team building, so this concept isn’t new. But instead of trust falls, why not volunteer together? Volunteering in the community gets people out of the office and working together as a team. This fosters cross-departmental collaboration and relationships, and also simply lets people get to know each other outside of work. In our experience, that’s a good thing!

Our Houston moving company got to experience the power of volunteering as a group when we decided to partner with the Houston Food Bank right after Hurricane Harvey. We pledged to raise $30,000 by putting $10 into our food bank fund every time our Houston movers helped another customer move. And we actually hit our goal–which we celebrated with a big check party! We also got to hear firsthand how our donation of $30,000 would provide 90,000 nutritious meals to those in need. There’s nothing like standing together as a company and hearing how our combined efforts helped so many people!

Improve Company Culture

When you make it a point to help out the community, you start building a culture of kindness within the company. If local movers didn’t have a sense of purpose and community before volunteering together, they do now!

For example, we reached out to the Fort Bend Women’s Center to see how our Houston moving company could help. We found out they could really use our assistance with setup and teardown for some of their annual events to raise money for domestic violence survivors. So we were happy to do that as a team with events like Boogie, as well as Girlfriends Giggle. Just knowing we were helping community members in need boosted our company culture for sure!

Build Your Reputation in the Community

Every business should want to be seen as a company that helps local residents. After all, those are the people you’re hopefully going to be serving with your business, so it makes sense to make it clear you always have their back. When local movers do this, they benefit both themselves and their community.

So it just made sense for 3 Men Movers to get involved with local volunteer opportunities. For instance, we delivered t-shirts and race packets for the Trafigura Run for the House put on by the Ronald McDonald House in Houston. We also worked with CYCLE to deliver 4,000 bikes to 6 local elementary schools for students who met their reading goals. And then our Houston moving company reached out to Rebuilding Together Houston so we could repaint a disabled veteran’s home after Hurricane Harvey. In fact, 3 Men Movers provided lots of assistance to locals after Hurricane Harvey, as we had the means to do it, so why not?

It’s the Right Thing To Do

Perhaps the most important reason local movers should volunteer in their community is that it’s the right thing to do. That’s probably why it feels so good to help people, since it just feels right!

Our Houston movers got that warm, fuzzy feeling when they moved over 2,000 boxes of underwear to distribution centers for Undies For Everyone, a Houston nonprofit. Sure, when we got started as a Houston moving company, we never thought we’d be using our trucks to move tons of underwear…but we saw a need we could fill and we did it, as a team!

Looking for local movers who love their community and enjoy showing it? At 3 Men Movers, we thrive on helping Texas nonprofits and local residents alike! Contact us today with any questions you have about our Houston movers.

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