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4 Surefire Ways from San Antonio Movers: Get Your Home to Run Itself

So now that you are in your new home in San Antonio, it is time to get down to business. You are ready to get back to running your home efficiently and having a home full of happy people, right?  This can be easier said than done sometimes after a move.  Transitioning homes requires a lot of adjusting and unpacking.  Organizing and cleaning tend to get dumped all on one person, which can be very overwhelming.  Not only are you adjusting to a new home and unpacking, you end up feeling like you are doing everything in the home. 4 Ways To Get Your Home To Run Itself

San Antonio movers, rest easy.  Moving to a new home is the perfect time to try out a few ideas that will get the family more involved in cleaning house and keeping everything organized.  Changing habits in your home is easier when you move because you are already starting new adventures and are out of your comfort zone.  Take this opportunity to start a few positive habits in the home.

Everything is easier with help and there is nothing wrong with enlisting help from the family. Sometimes the tricky part can be getting everyone in the home to take accountability and want to keep the home clean.  Getting help from the family means getting the family to take ownership over their messes and the home.  It makes for a better living environment but takes a little thought and effort to get it started.

Our moving experts work hand in hand with families during their move and we take pride in helping our San Antonio movers get happily into their homes and stay that way.  We have seen some brilliant ways that families have come together and kept a home clean, organized and efficient.  We have compiled these tried and tested ideas and put them into an easy list for you to use in your new San Antonio home.

Here are 4 surefire ways for San Antonio movers to enlist in the help of your family members to keep your home clean and organized.

1.  Have a family meeting about keeping the home clean and organized!  The key here is to make it fun.  Get the family excited about the meeting and involved.  Make a meal that everyone loves or take everyone to the park and pack a lunch.  Play games and keep the meeting part to a minimum.

When everyone in the meeting is involved this allows everyone to share their opinion and participate.  Avoid being confrontational, make it more of a challenge and team project.  This helps everyone to take ownership and WANT to help. Create a team working toward a goal together.

Steps to a successful family meeting:

  • Have everyone add at least one idea.  This allows everyone to participate and keeps one person from dominating the meeting.

  • Make a game of brainstorming fun ideas to reach the goal of the meeting, in this instance that would be a self-functioning clean home.

  • Set the meeting on a day that everyone is known to have some free time.  When you set the date, stick to it.

  • Listen during the meeting.  If someone has something to add, really listen to what they are saying and take action if possible.

  • Keep the meetings short and sweet.

2.  Make a family message board and calendar.  After your family meeting initially you will be the person making sure that everything is followed through.  The message board will be the first step in transferring that accountability and pulling yourself out of every action.

There are many ways to have a successful family message board.  It is a good idea to get everyone involved in coming up with ideas for it and making the message board.  If the message board is fun and they helped make it, it will be less likely that they will ignore it in the future.  The main goal is that everyone in the home will have fun using the message board and it will help your family function better as a team.

Here are several ideas that could go into a successful family message board:

  • Have different sections for each family member and let them decorate their own section.

  • Install a chalkboard, wipeboard or use chalkboard paint on a small section of a wall and install a small shelf for chalk.  Leave fun messages for each other.

  • Have a calendar for upcoming chores, tasks and events.

  • Color code each family member.  Give them their own color pens, chalk and stickers.

3.  Create a chore schedule.  It is a lot easier to have a self-functioning clean home if everyone knows what to expect.  Assign certain tasks to certain days.

4.  Create a certain time of day that everyone uses to pick up.  Keep the time short and more than likely at the end of the day before everyone gets ready for bed.  If everyone spends 5-10 minutes at the end of the day picking up and putting things away that is a major step in keeping one person from resenting picking up everyone’s mess.

Whatever your family decides in the meeting and however you decide to follow through on these tasks the most important thing is open communication and working together as a team.