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4 Things You Need To Know About Moving During The Holidays

December is a hectic time of year. You have to get the decorations up, buy gifts for your loved ones, and make time to visit your friends and family on top of your everyday responsibilities. Taking on a move during the holiday season probably seems like it’ll send you over the edge. Luckily, our simple tips give you the secret to a drama-free holiday move! We also have some surprising reasons why moving during this season can be a blessing in disguise!

#1 Label all of your boxes well

While you should always label your boxes well for an easy move-in process, it is particularly important during the holidays. You need to ensure that after you move you know where all of your party attire, fine china, and holiday decorations are. Include the contents of the box, the room that it belongs to, and whether or not it is fragile.

The awesome thing about moving right before the holidays is that you don’t have to worry about lugging a heavy Christmas tree down from the attic, or boxes of ornaments. You can have the movers place it all right where you want it in your new home!

#2 Moving during the holidays could give your family some extra time to pack

If you are taking time off of work or school for the holidays, this could be the ideal time to move. You will have a bit of free time to pack and organize your belongings instead of having to stay up late after you get home from a long day. If you have kids they can also contribute and take on responsibility during the move by packing up their own rooms during their break from school.

#3 Depending on where you live the cooler weather may be a gift

Here in Texas, our yearly break from the stifling heat is a welcome treat. Moving for hours in the heat can become very difficult making the winter a great time to move. However, if you live in a climate that has harsh winters, you may want to consider planning your move before the snow and ice arrive.

#4 Start setting aside your funds for your move months in advance

Budgets are already tight during the holidays and the price of a move can really start to add up once you factor in the cost for packing materials, labor, and any fees that you may have to pay to move into your new place. In order to avoid hitting a roadblock with your budget, start putting aside a money for your move months in advance. That way when the holidays and your move arrive, you’ll be able to use your funds for fun!

In Conclusion

Moving during the holiday season may feel overwhelming at first but the key is to stay organized and begin the planning process well ahead of time. If you have time off, use it to get ahead on packing. Label your boxes well, take the weather into consideration, and ensure that you budget for your move in advance. Follow these simple tips and your move will be full of cheer! Happy holidays and happy moving!