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5 Tips For A Safe Move

Essential Moving Day Tasks

There is a lot to do when you are moving to a new home in Houston and anywhere else for that matter. Although safety may not be what you are thinking about, it is the most important thing you need to know before moving even one box. Everyone loves to get tips when moving, to help them move quicker and smarter, even cheaper, well we have a few tips that are just as important for a safe move.

The number one thing is to remember when moving is to make safety a priority even if you just want to get it over with and have a quick moving experience.

When you feel like you have a million things to do and your head is spinning, it’s easy to have accidents and get hurt. We know this, and that’s why we take special care to stress that our movers know the danger and learn to be extra safe while still working hard. We have come up with a few safety tips that if applied, will greatly reduce the risk of injury while getting past the hidden dangers of moving.

1) Lift Properly It’s easy to want to just get done when moving, and start grabbing boxes and going. Houston movers are guilty of this, as the heat would make anyone want to finish moving quickly!  This is dangerous and an easy way to get injured during a move.  Whether you are moving a heavy safe, just boxes or moving something crazy like a hot tub yourself. For the sake of your back, safety tips are not to be ignored. Always stand in front of the box with feet shoulder width apart, assess the weight of the box and lift using your leg muscles without bending your torso.

2) Pack Correctly It doesn’t matter how many driving safety tips you are mindful of, if you have packed poorly there is a danger waiting as soon as you open the door to the back of the truck. Hiring a packing crew is an option, but if this is not for you, be mindful of the way your pack and stack your boxes. The boxes packed on the bottom must be the heavier boxes, and the weight should get lighter as you stack them. If heavier boxes are put on top, they will crush the boxes on the bottom. The top heavy boxes could even fall from the stack, breaking something or hurting someone.  If the boxes are stacked properly and carefully they will withstand the move and stay sturdy when the back door is opened.

3) Buy reliable packing materials. Whether you have hired one of the major moving companies or are moving everything yourself with some of your buddies, your packing materials are very important. Some of your boxes may hold heavy or fragile items. These items can be a hazard and need to be packed and protected in new sturdy boxes. You have spent years acquiring nice things, make sure to protect them and yourself during the move.

4) Pack your truck or trailer for even weight distribution. The first and most important of our tips when moving and doing so safely is to remember to have even weight distribution in the car or truck. This is a hidden danger, but still a danger. Trucks weighed down with an entire household carry a heavy load. This load needs to be evenly distributed as you pack. It’s not hard to do as long as you are aware of the importance of it.

5) Keep a first aid kit handy. No matter how many moving tips and tricks you use, accidents happen. So it is very important, as you are taking the precautions to remember to pack up a little first aid kit to keep handy and with the family as you are moving. This is also good to have because it may take a few days to unpack the box that has your bandaids in it.

Just remember, moving is something to be excited about, but also something to take seriously. Be careful, aware, and please feel free to add any creative ideas or tips you have on moving safely.