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5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Home Before You Move

5 Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Home when you Move

5 Tips to Say Goodbye to Your Home Before You Move

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time as you think of all the perks of the place you’re moving into. But it can also be bittersweet, since you’re leaving a house where you made lots of memories–especially if you lived there for years and went through major milestones there. So it makes sense to take some time to say a proper goodbye. But how exactly do you say farewell to a house? Here are some ideas on how to give your old home a proper sendoff before your movers come by to help you relocate.

Take Tons of Pictures

You probably have a lot of photos of you and your family living life in the houseā€¦but how many do you have of the rooms themselves? Sure, it’s nice to have pictures of your family gathering in the kitchen, or the baby sleeping in the nursery. But the focus of those pictures isn’t the house itself, so it may be hard to see details you’ll want to remember.

You might assume your memory has captured the details of the house forever, but what about your kids? They might want pictures to solidify their fuzzy memories of their childhood, and seeing a photo of their old bedroom or backyard will help. So take some wide-angle pictures of every room, as well as a photo of the kids gathered in front of the house one last time!

Talk About Your Memories

The household probably has some great memories of the house, so why not share them before you move? Schedule one last family dinner and go around the table asking everyone what their best memory was. You’ll probably discover a few memories you forgot that your kids or spouse remembered, which will be a nice trip down memory lane.

Make a Video

Pictures are great, but so are videos. They’re definitely fun to watch as a family years later, and they can capture details that pictures can’t–like how cute your child’s voice once was before he or she started growing up too fast! You can take some videos around the house now, or just put together one long video comprised of all the shorter clips you filmed in your house over the years. And of course, you can make a video of your family talking about the memories in the house.

Help Welcome the New Residents

Sometimes it’s helpful to focus on the fact that you may be ending your chapter at your home, but another family is just beginning theirs. Help ensure it’s great by giving them a big welcome. You might consider leaving a letter that lets them know how special the house is so they know what to look forward to. You can share your favorite memories in the home, and let them in on its secrets–like how the crawlspace is a perfect hiding spot, or the backyard tree is great for climbing!

Take a Souvenir

Finally, bring something from your old home to your new home so you always have a piece of it with you. This could be a flower or rock from your front yard, or a small tile from your stock of extras in case a kitchen tile ever cracked. Either way, you’ll have something to hold on to as you think about the good times in your old house.

Before your final goodbye to your house, make sure you have movers scheduled to come help you relocate to your new home. If you’re looking for moving companies in Houston, contact 3 Men Movers to schedule your move today!

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