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5 Ways To Spot A Trustworthy Moving Company

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Moving is a big deal. When you move your home you are moving your whole life from one location to the next – sounds daunting just reading that. That said, moving is not an event that you want to leave in the hands of untrustworthy individuals. Here are several things to lookout for to find a reputable moving company that you can trust for a smooth and easy move (yes, it’s possible;)).

How To Find A Trustworthy Moving Company

1. Demand upfront and transparent fees
Most moving companies charge by the hour. The majority of moving companies also have fees outside of the hourly rate. These fees may be for the time and cost of travel to various locations during the move, or possibly charges for heavy items like pianos. When you are working with costs that are charged by the hour it may be difficult for an employee to let you know exactly how much your move will cost before it happens. However, your mover should be able to let you know what the hourly rate will be for the day that you are booking as well as the cost of any extra charges. Nobody likes surprises on move day, especially when it comes to their bill. Be sure to ask about:
· Hourly moving rates
· Travel expenses
· Heavy item fees
· Extra insurance
· Packing material fees

2. Get direct answers about what you can expect on move day

Getting the run around is not fun. If the employee from the moving company that you are trying to book with gives you vague non-answers you should turn the other way. You want a moving company that you can rely on to be honest and direct even if that means that the employee that you are speaking with has to call you back or put you on hold while they speak to a supervisor and figure out the appropriate way to answer your question.

3. Make sure they have a physical location

This is something that some people don’t look for these days. A physical location gives you a forum to talk face-to-face with your movers, as well as somewhere to go if something goes wrong. There are many illegal movers that are taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers. Many of the operations are setup in shared buildings – the moving companies do not have an address because they do not have a business license. Even though many of us prefer to conduct business over the phone or over email, going to talk in person can give you a lot of insight into the organization that you are trusting with your move.

4. Take seniority into account

The age of a business doesn’t necessarily correlate with the effectiveness and reputation but it can play a role in the functionality of the company. In the 30+ years that 3 Men Movers has been in business, we have learned a lot about the moving industry and how to prevent moving complications from arising. Businesses that have years under their belt have had moad2re time to perfect their services, and are experienced in problem-solving common moving issues. This isn’t to say that newer companies can’t be trusted, but it is something that you may want to take into consideration.

5. Look for a healthy range of reviews

Organizations know that online reviews matter. Many people will check online before asking friends and family. Many companies have been known to hire individuals to write fake reviews for their company. If you see a company whose reviews are all positive that could mean that something fishy is happening. There are so many variables during a move. It is unheard of for a moving company to not have anything go awry during a move at some point. This isn’t to say that you should look for companies who have an overwhelming amount of negative reviews but having a healthy mix of reviews isn’t a bad thing. It lets you know that they are a real organization that deals with real operational issues. You should pay attention to the manner in which the moving company responds to negative reviews, what’s really important is whether or not they are learning from their mistakes.

In conclusion

You may be tempted to take the easy way out and book with the first company that you call, but you could end up saddled with a moving company that makes your move anything but easy. Put the effort in and do the research before you hire a moving company. Use the traits that we have outlined to distinguish those who are trustworthy from movers who aren’t worth a dime.