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6 Essential Tips When Moving in Houston

When it comes time for your move you will want to save as much money as you can, but still get moved safely, with a quick moving experience.  As we all know, not much in this big city is simple, but there are some simple things you can do to save money.  We have put together a few tips when moving in Houston to make the process a little more smooth and help you save quite a bit of money in the process.  6 Essential Tips When Moving In Houston

Here are 6 tips when moving in Houston to save you time and money;

1. No Loose Items

This is the number reason moves take longer. Make sure all of your loose items are in taped up boxes.  Most moving companies charge hourly and anything you can do to shave the time off your move will help with moving costs.  Close and stack your boxes before the movers arrive. Many times, people are so busy, especially in Houston that they just call a Houston mover, book it and forget, then the day comes and nothing or maybe half of the house is packed, this will cost you a lot of time, money and stress.

Many moving companies are only moving furniture and closed boxes, which means they will move what they can and wait for you to finish your packing while you are getting charged for the moving.  That can be extremely costly and expensive.  It pays to be prepared for the move, by packing yourself or hiring a packing company.  Everything needs to be in boxes or wrapped up when you are moving in Houston and using a moving company.

Having no loose items is also important even if you are not going with a large moving company but renting a moving truck and having moving truck movers or day labor move your items. When you go with moving help in Houston that is not licensed and certified, they probably are not going to be as trained or as attentive to the safety of your valuables.  In this instance it is very important to make sure everything is wrapped, packed in boxes and neatly ready with no loose items to get broken.

2. Label All Boxes

When you clearly label your boxes, this ensures that no items are lost in the move.  This means no running out to find the nearest Walmart or Target in Houston to replace something you already had the day before.  It can get expensive if you have a disorganized move and have to unnecessarily replace items.  Label all sides of every box.  Most moving companies have 2 men and a truck to assist you, or even more often 3 men and a truck. When you have two or three movers all stopping to turn boxes around and find the small place on the corner where you labeled it, this winds up costing a lot of time on your move.  Make the labeling LARGE and bold where no one could miss it.

Labeling the boxes is essential, but you can also take an extra step or two to make your movers much quicker when unoading into your new home.  You can stick a piece of white paper with the room name that matches with the label. IE: Master Bedroom, Master Bath, Guest Room…  You can also color code the labels and put a large colored sign in the doorway of each new room.  This will help your movers be more efficient and not have to stop frequently and ask questions about where things go.

3. Get rid of Stuff

Another good way to cut moving company cost is to minimize the amount of items the movers have to move.  The less you move, the quicker it goes and the cheaper the moving service is for you. Why move something you don’t need anymore.  It feels great to clear out the clutter and have a completely fresh new start.

Have a garage sale in Houston is a good idea.  Use the newspaper and Craigslist to make sure people are aware of your sale.  If it is too hot in Houston, even with a fan in your garage, there are other options to clear the clutter.

There are many places and charities in Houston that will find a better use to your unused items. Almost every neighborhood in Houston has a donation center for Goodwill and the Salvation Army.  When you donate, it is a tax write off as well.

If you haven’t used it or worn it in the last year get rid of it.

4. Use Quality Moving Boxes

Do not buy cheap boxes.  This may seem contradictory but buying good quality, uniform moving boxes helps to save money moving.  Moving boxes are uniformly sized and sturdy so you can stack them on a dolly and easily in a moving truck. If the movers have to carry a box one at a time because they can’t stack it, it will take longer.

As tempting as it may be to try to find free boxes at a liquor store, or old boxes from some friends, it is not worth it.  With as many boxes as it takes to move a home, you will probably have at least one box that breaks and this will cost you as much or more than you saved on not buying good boxes.

5. Use Your Travel Luggage

Most people will be too tired to unpack when they arrive, plus it takes time figuring out which box has your essentials. Pack an overnight bag with medicine, toiletries, clothes and anything that is irreplaceable. The movers will be happy to load this into your car.

This saves you money by ensuring you don’t have to go out the first night in your new home and buy things you already have that are packed tightly away.

6. Don’t Forget the Attic and Garage

People often forget to pack their unused rooms, which ends up costing them money on their hourly rate.  This is something that can be done easily before the movers arrive, but is often overlooked.  Buy boxes and start packing up those rooms and areas early so they don’t get forgotten and cost you extra money at the last minute.