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6 Ideas To Help Children Adjust To A Move

When moving to a new home with children, parents are in a critical position to foster a healthy adjustment to the new home. Children thrive off of structure and ritual.  Moving to a new home can really shake a child’s world up if you aren’t proactive as a parent in helping your child understand the change and be comfortable in their new surroundings. ideas to help children adjust to a move

There are many ways to come together as a family and adjust quickly to a new home and neighborhood.  As a local moving company, our moving professionals not only assist with the move, they also provide information and guidance to families in making the transition to a new home the smoothest experience possible, for everyone involved.

A parent can make a stress-free move for the entire family more likely by conducting their due diligence and researching their moving company well.  Look for a moving company that provides helpful information to assist you in your move and employs staff who strive to make this transition for your family as smooth as possible.

Our moving experts have 6 ideas for movers to help their children have a stress free adjustment to their new environment. 

  • Before you move to your new home, plan an event or outing for your child with their closest friends.  Take a lot of pictures and get their information so your child will be able to write and visit after you get to your new neighborhood.
  • Your children probably have favorite hangouts or places they go in their old neighborhood, make sure to visit these before you leave.  Making plans to come back also helps with keeping the sadness at bay.
  • Make sure to be a good example for your child.  It is easy to get stressed out during a move, but remember your children are watching how you handle everything.  Your child will more than likely copy your actions, no matter what your words or attitude may be.  Even if you tell your child to be positive about the move, if you are not, it will rub off on them.  Look toward the future and talk with your children about all the new adventures and possibilities that lie ahead for them at their new home.
  • Over communicate the details of your move to your child.  Most often, the scariest thing about a move is the unknown.  There may be some things you don’t want to discuss about your move with your children, but be as open as you can with them about the schedule and details of the move.  When your children are kept in the loop in advance, they have time to process the change and will be more likely to feel comfortable with life changes.
  • Make an adventure out of as many parts of the moving process that you can.  If you are looking for a great neighborhood to live in, make an outing out of it.  Get everyone excited to explore and do detective work.  You can even make a scavenger hunt for the new areas you are checking out as a family.  Your personal family scavenger hunt could go something like this; each family member has to find certain things on their day out and at the end of the day the family gets together to share what they found over laughs and a dinner out or picnic.
  • Get your children’s new rooms set up first.  This may not always be possible, but unpacking and decorating your children’s rooms quickly really helps in the adjustment process.  Being the first in the household to be all set up can be exciting for your child and makes them feel like this an important part of the family.  Allow your child to express their personalities in their rooms and have fun with it.
  • When you get to your new home, make plans to go out and explore.  Find an event that everyone will look forward to, like a professional sports event or a concert and mark it on the calendar for everyone to get excited about.  After the event, frame the family picture and hang it in the new living room.  This is not only a way to help in the transition process, it also quickly builds new memories and makes your home feel more like home quickly.
  • Optimize the move day experience.  On moving day, try to plan a play date to keep your kids away from the hustle and bustle of the move and entertained.  If your kids need to be home the day of the move, unpack the large boxes first and encourage some serious fort building.

This is an exciting time for your family.  Take a lot of pictures and encourage your kids to make a handmade or digital scrapbook of the big moving adventure.  You set the tone for this move as the parent.  Congratulations and have fun!

Thanks for reading this article and we hope to hear any comments or feedback that you may have below in the comments section.