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6 Tips For Moving Out Of Your Parents’ House

These days it is not uncommon to be 28 and still living in your parents’ home. Some millennials don’t take the leap and leave their childhood home after reaching adulthood for financial reasons and some don’t because they’re still emotionally dependent on their families.

Whatever the case may be, leaving home as an adult can be difficult especially if you’ve never been on your own before. Some find the transition daunting and end up putting it off due to fear. It may be scary, but moving out can be an integral part of achieving independence and most people don’t end up regretting it. If you’re struggling to leave the nest we’re sharing a few tips for first-time movers to help you out.

First Time Moving Checklist:

1. Set a date

This is a very important step, particularly because millennials love to procrastinate. If you keep saying “I’ll move out in a year or so” or “soon” you’ll keep on putting it off. Put a date on the move and tell other people. You’ll be more likely to hold yourself accountable and actually follow through with the plan.

2. Set a budget

Moving out comes with a lot of financial responsibility. You won’t have as much disposable income. Even if you’re paying rent at your parents’ house you’ll be responsible for rent, water, electricity, maintenance of your new place, and many other expenses. Outline a full budget, you’ll need to know how much you have to work with when it comes to looking for a place to live.

3. Find a roommate if you need to

After you make your budget, shop around and get a feel for the marketplace. This applies whether you are renting or looking for a home. You may need to look for a roommate if your budget doesn’t allow for you to live on your own. Or if you want to upgrade the part of town that you choose to live in without having to sacrifice your fun money.

4. Start paying bills (if you aren’t already)

If you aren’t paying bills, you should be. Moving out on your own will be a very rude awakening if you’re currently living off of the benevolent generosity of mom and dad. It will help develop budgeting skills and how to make better decisions when it comes to managing your money.

5. Acquire the basics for your new place

Don’t try to deck out your new place like the Four Seasons. Start with the essentials and work your way up. Your new place doesn’t need to be fully furnished the second you move in.

6. Plan your move out

It’s time to start in on the finer details of moving out. First, sign your contracts and ensure that your new place is a done deal. Next, begin packing little by little. Lastly, book your movers, or who among your friends and family is going to help you move your stuff.

In conclusion

Remember that everything is going to be okay. Moving out of your parents’ home after 20 can be a lot scarier than leaving home at 17 or 18. You know more about the world, might be a little bit jaded, and have probably grown used to the comforts of your childhood home. However, if you are seeking autonomy buck up and rip the band-aid off. You may also be anxious or sad about not having the luxury of seeing mom at breakfast every day, but just remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder.