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6 Tips to Easily Research Your Movers

Reading three men movers company reviews and checking out other reviews for Houston moving companies can save you a great deal of heartache and money.  The danger of rogue movers is at an all-time high and has become increasingly important to do your research before trusting your belongings with just any moving company.

There have been many entrants to the moving industry in Texas and it is sometimes hard to discern the established, trustworthy moving company from the dangerous fly-by-night mover that is looking to take advantage of you. Many people have found that a good way to avoid problems with such companies is to do your research online.

Online moving company reviews and directories help you to find a legitimate moving company that will treat you fairly and handle your belongings with care.  Whether you are a student moving to Houston or a family of five it is important to make the right decision on your moving company.  To get the most out of your time spent reading online reviews, check out:6 Tips To Researching Movers

6 tips for reading moving company reviews:

1.  Look for review quantity and quality.  When a company has more reviews it is typically a good sign.  It shows that the company you are looking at is a legitimate company that has probably been around for awhile.  It also gives you more feedback and information about that Houston moving company, which is always a good thing.

One warning sign many people don’t know about online reviews is to watch for many reviews popping up on the same day.  This is usually a red flag that these may not be authentic reviews.  If fake reviews are being posted by a company, they will usually post more than one at a time.  Most real reviews trickle in slowly, not usually more than one a day.

2. Look for overall themes, not just one bad review out of many.  Look for a company with an overwhelming majority of good reviews, and don’t let just one or two bad reviews hold you back.  If a company has many positive reviews, there will always be some negative reviews in the mix.  Just be sure to take it all with a grain of salt and look at the big picture with Houston moving company reviews.

A good thing to look for is that the company you are considering actually takes the time to respond to the negative reviews and try to resolve any issues they are able to fix.  This shows the company is actively involved providing meaningful customer service and means they are more likely to treat you with similar service.

3. Look at several different online directories.  It is important when researching a Houston Mover to do a full-scale investigation.  Though new online directories are being created every day, there are a few big, established sites right now that are a good idea to check out.  Angie’s List is a member’s only directory but is very popular in Houston and a good source of relevant, honest feedback on Houston companies.  Yelp has become very popular in large cities like Houston and San Antonio.  It is also a good idea to check out Google+ reviews and City Search.  The more information you can get the better.

4. Always check out the BBB reviews.  The Better Business Bureau of Houston is a good source of information for a Houston Mover.  Pay more attention to the “unresolved complaints” that a company has more than a number of complaints.  There may be some companies that move much more than another, which likely will mean more complaints.  It is most important to see what Houston moving companies are resolving these complaints, as opposed to open complaints.

5. Be wary of any reviews that have an “anonymous nature” to them or a very broad, general theme to them.  You will most likely find that real customer reviews include actual details that are hard to fake.  If the customer took the time to put feedback about the service online they will typically mention some specifics to explain their experience.

6. Don’t just pay attention to the reviews.  Most directories have profile pages of the companies.  Companies that show pictures have “about us”, “company history”, and video sections are more likely legitimate businesses.  It’s important to look for a physical address.  To be a licensed moving company, the DMV requires the moving company has a physical address.

These are all important points when researching a moving company online, but most importantly trust your gut.  If something seems fishy, it probably is.