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6 Ways To Prep For Your Move – 3 Men Movers

6 Simple Shortcuts For A Stress Free Move

6 Simple Shortcuts For A Stress Free Move

Use these simple strategies to begin preparing for your move. Being prepared will save you several grey hairs once the big day arrives.

Many people move on a daily basis here in Houston, Texas. However, not many people look forward to the packing and preparing that a move takes. Even if you are just moving down the street, moving can be a huge task. Often a move looms over your head for months and procrastination sets in. Before you know it, move day is in a week and your house looks the exact same way it did months before.

There are many ways to prepare early and take shortcuts to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. As soon as you know there is a move on the horizon, begin these simple strategies to begin preparing your home for your move. These shortcuts for Houston Movers will help you take the stress out of your move.

Read below for shortcuts for a stress free move:

1. Inventory any large items moving to your new home. This is not the typical bed and couch. It is important to make a notation of any items over 300 pounds, or notably oversized items that you will need moved. An example of items to give extra attention to when conducting your pre-move inventory would be commercial freezers, kitchen appliances, pool tables, heavy gun safes, and grand pianos. These items may call for a specialized mover or extra moving equipment that your Houston Movers may need to provide.
Even if you hire a full service moving company in Houston, there are some items that may cost extra or call for special action. It is a good idea to inform any moving company of these items during the moving quote process. Having this list on hand for when you get to call moving companies reduces your likelihood of overlooking these items.

2. Begin packing now. If you are unable to get a professional packing service for your Houston move, start packing the little things as early as you can.

Here are a few ways to begin packing early.
Start clearing out items you no longer want or need. Put these things in your trunk and drop them off as you pass by a Goodwill or Salvation Army when you are going about your daily routine.
Put boxes in every room. This will allow you to pack a little here and there as you spend time in different rooms.
Begin calling moving companies to book your Houston mover. It is important to get a head start on this because many of the established, local companies that you probably want to book with, fill up quickly.

3. Start using up things you can’t move to your new home. This pertains to most of your food and frozen items. It is a good idea to save your money and go out to eat less to start using up these items.┬áIt is also a good idea to start using up all of your cleaning supplies and try to avoid buying in bulk until you get to your new home.

4. Start informing companies that you deal with that you are moving. If you start doing this a month or two before you move, as you call and pay your bills you won’t get overwhelmed at the last minute or even worse, not getting some of your bills.

5. Tell your employer about your change of address. Often times this is forgotten and then when the time comes, your W-2 gets sent to the wrong address. Doing these small things helps avoid a lot of stress in the future.

6. Contact all current and new utility companies. Getting a head start on your utility necessities really helps avoid last minute scrambling and may help you avoid extra charges.
We have found that by doing these things you can easily take some of the stress out of your upcoming move.

Congratulations on your new move!

Please feel free to add any experience or tips that you may also have for preparing for a move.