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7 Odd Things in Your Home that Your Houston Movers Need to Know About

Believe us, we understand. That is why we have taken the time to compile a list of the most commonly forgotten items Houston movers run into. Most of these items are the random, sometimes very large and awkward items that are easily overlooked.

Moving companies all have different policies and charges, especially for moving oversize or moving overweight items. Since no moving company is exactly alike, we have put some common practices below with the most commonly overlooked items. We have also included some of the policies we use here at Three Men Movers.

Here are 7 easily forgotten and odd items that your Houston Movers will need to know about and you need not forget.Odd Items Your Movers Should Know About

1. Swing sets. Most of the time you will need to have the play sets completely disassembled for your children’s backyard playground to be moved. Typically a moving company will not reassemble the swing set at your new home.

2. Sauna. Those that are lucky enough to have a sauna in their home, sadly usually forget to make arrangements to have it moved. It’s best to go ahead and call the company that you bought it from to arrange the moving.

3. Workout equipment. Unless you are trying to get rid of it, remember you need to let your moving company know ahead of time that you have workout equipment you need to be moved. Usually, the moving company will want you to have it disassembled prior to move day and there is no reassembly at your new home.

4. Pool Tables. Moving companies will usually move pool tables for you, but you will likely need to have it disassembled ahead of time. Most moving companies do not have proper tools to take apart pool tables and it should be done by a professional.

It is common for moving companies to charge for anything over 300 pounds to be moved as it takes different equipment. It is likely the company will ask how much it weighs when you mention the pool table, but if they don’t it’s good to inform them of any overweight items before move day.

5. Oversized paintings. Common practice for moving companies moving oversized paintings is to have a waiver required to move and they will protect it with blankets and wrap.  For not so large paintings most moving companies sell boxes especially sized for paintings.

6. Waterbed. If you have a waterbed that needs to be moved to your new home, you need to have it drained before the movers arrive at your home on move day. You will more than likely need to sign a waiver as well.

7. China collection. If you own a china collection, it is probably very near and dear to your heart. Make sure to think about this precious collection before move day. We would say it should be professionally packed. Professional packers are trained to wrap and protect these items very well to survive a move.

If you are unable to have it professionally packed, wrap it very carefully with newspaper and bubble wrap and mark box to show the movers there is something fragile in the box.

This in no way is EVERYTHING you could forget but are just a few of the things we commonly see our customers remembering at the very last minute. Most of these things take extra tools or time to pack, so it is very important to walk through and around the outside of your home before you move to make sure that you have remembered everything!