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8 Reasons Why You Should Move To Houston

8 Reasons Why Moving To Houston Is A Great Idea

From a growing international community to a rich arts and theater scene to a thriving economy, Houston is the city expected to experience colossal growth this year! Our Houston movers have seen all kinds of moves from different cities so they know first hand!

People may be obsessed with keeping Austin weird, but there is another Texan city folks are flocking to for 2015. Despite San Antonio’s River Walk and deep sea of culture, it is even being overshadowed; before you assume the beta-plus world city of Dallas, and it’s phenomenal sports teams must be the state’s hot spot, you need to shift your nose south a little farther on the map. Our Houston movers have seen all kind of moves coming from different cities so they know Houston is a hot spot. So if you’re trying to figure out why, here are some of the best reasons why Houston is the place to be in 2015!

• Low Cost of Living


Looking to relocate? Houston is a great option. From it’s low cost of living to it’s robust job market, here are 8 reasons Houston is hot.

While much of the state (and country!) has seen a rise in housing costs, Houston has managed to dodge the inflation bullet. Groceries are affordable, and you won’t have to choose between buying that specialty coffee at the corner café and paying your electricity bill when you live here. In fact, when compared to the 20 most populated metropolitan areas in the nation, Houston has the third lowest cost of living. In 2013, housing costs were a whopping 36.6 percent below national average.

• Job Market

The job market alone is reason enough to move to the Space City. After all, what’s the point of relocating to a city with a low cost of living, if you can’t even get a job? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Houston ranked first on job growth for 2014 in nonfarm employment. Houston’s energy industry is recognized worldwide, and being the global city that it is, there is no surprise that it is America’s top market for exports, surpassing even New York City. Interestingly though, the super sectors in Houston’s employment statistics are education and health services, which have boasted uninterrupted annual gains every single month since February 1991.

• No State Income Tax

You will get to take home a little more of your paycheck when you live in Houston because there is no state income tax. Plus, Texas has a lower yearly tax bill, helping your dollar stretch even farther.

• Healthcare


Houston has long been recognized for setting the bar high with healthcare systems in the country. Many hospitals here are ranked as some of the nation’s top institutions. The Texas Medical Center is here, which is the world’s largest medical complex.

• Greenpeace

Houston is a haven for outdoor lovers. The city houses more than 50,000 acres of parkland. Not to mention, amidst the concrete and steel urban jungle is the City of Houston Bikeway Program, a trail network composed of 345 miles that meander throughout the city.

• Education

The education potential in this city is profound. Greater Houston has 14 major higher learning institutions, and the city’s education level for public schools ranks among the state’s highest. The Houston Independent School District is the country’s seventh-largest district. Plus, there are more than 300 private schools, including many accredited by the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission.

• Arts and Theater

You don’t have to live in a matchbox apartment and be a starving artist in Manhattan’s East Village to be part of an astounding arts scene. The Houston Theater District has nine major performing arts organizations as well as six performance halls, and anytime you need to be enveloped in history and cultural, the 20 facilities in the Museum District will more than satisfy.

• Sports


Pull up a seat courtside at Toyota Center to cheer on the Rockets, or grab your peanuts at Minute Maid Park to watch the Astros hit home runs. Of course, you will want to make NRG Stadium your home-away-from-home, when the Texans are playing. Oh, and there’s a crazy “little” thing called the Super Bowl that the Bayou City will be hosting for 2017!