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8 Tips To Assemble Ikea Furniture Like A Pro

how to assemble ikea furniture like a pro

There’s a lot to love about Ikea. It’s affordable, and stylish making it a great option for those who have recently moved into their first home or apartment or those that are just looking to refresh the decor in their current home. However, one unfortunate downside is the tedious process of putting the pieces together. Before you go down the rabbit hole of furniture assembly insanity, take a look at our tips on how to assemble Ikea furniture like a pro!

The instructions matter

If you’re thinking of winging it, don’t. When it comes to assembling Ikea furniture, the number one thing that you need to know is that the instructions matter.

Take your time… you won’t want to double back

Don’t rush the process. Ensure that you completely finish each step before you start on another one, because the last thing you want is to get to the end, realize that the drawer tracks are backwards, and have to take things apart. Set aside a Sunday afternoon or your day off to complete your project so you can do it right the first time.

Never use a box cutter to open the box

This could lead to accidently scratching your furniture. Sometimes the furniture comes tightly packed in the box. Instead, try using a key or a pair of scissors and gently open. You’re going to need a tool that won’t puncture too far into the box.

Build your furniture on a thick blanket or rug

This is going to help avoid scratching any hardwood flooring or the pieces themselves – particularly if they are glossy.

Separate your screws and parts

Before you get started take the time to separate your screws and the parts you need for each section. Section your screws off in small bowls to prevent them from rolling around on the ground and getting lost.

Do not use a hammer

Ikea includes small tools with the screws and parts. Hammering your piece will most likely result in breaking it. If you need a little bit of extra force, try using a rubber mallet.

Make sure all of your screws and dowels are aligned

If they are inserted at an angle and not properly aligned they will not screw in correctly and you’ll end up having to take it apart later to correct the mistake. You may also end up fracturing the dowel, creating a weight distribution problem, so take your time.

Lay everything out

Arrange the pieces in the same direction as the instructions depicts them. This gives you a visual guide and makes the process of following along a lot easier by helping you align your project with the photos in the directions. You may find yourself stressed out halfway through, so you’ll thank yourself when you at least have a clear roadmap.

In Conclusion

As long as you follow the directions carefully and take your time you’ll be fine! One last pro tip for those looking for furniture to fill a new apartment or home – wait until after the move to purchase any new furniture. You’ll save yourself the hassle of having to transport your items from the old place to the new one and you’ll have plenty of energy and enthusiasm to start the process of assembling your Ikea furniture!