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9 Must Have Tips to an Organized Home from San Antonio Movers

With the fast pace of life it is easy to find yourself at the end of the week standing in the living room surrounded by clutter, pulling your hair out because you can’t find anything.  This can easily happen after a move to a new home.  It’s hard enough to work a full-time job, run a home, unpack all of those boxes and now you’re expected to organize?! 9 Must Have Tips to an Organized Home

Organizing is well worth the time and energy put into it.  It is something that you will do that will need a little maintenance and attention every once in awhile but the reward of having an organized home is great.

Let’s say, you lose your keys twice a week and it takes you a half an hour of running around your home to find them.  That is an hour a week.  At 48 hours a year, you end would end up spending two days a year just looking for your keys!  If you live in your house for 15 years and continue to be unorganized in your home, that could be an entire month that you spent looking for your car keys.

That is just wasted time that you could be spending with your family and making lasting memories.

Being proactive and organizing your home is the only way to make sure that when you need something you can find it and your beautiful new home doesn’t get overrun by clutter.

Here are 9 must have tips to an organized home from our San Antonio movers and industry experts.

1.  Designate an area for important documents and bills.  Many times countertops and kitchen tables get overrun with the week’s mail.  Keep an area out of site where these items can be kept.

2.  Have an area inside a closet or somewhere near the door to have everything you need on hand right before you leave the house.  This could be a shelf for your keys, or a standalone wardrobe for coats and shoes.  If these items don’t have a “home” they will wind up all over your new home!

3.  Have shower caddies or organizing shelves in the bathroom.  Showers and bathrooms can get quickly cluttered and things get lost if organization is lacking in the bathroom.  Shelves and caddies help keep everything in their place and make it easier to be aware when you are running low on toiletries.

4.  Keep countertop space in your bathrooms clear by using shower caddy organizers and keeping everything under the sink.  This way you can easily pull it out and it has all of your lotions, hair products, and anything else you would need.

You can also by a small magnetic strip to put under bathroom counters to keep little things like tweezers.

5.  Use labels to organize areas of your home.  In general labels are a great way to stay organized.  Labeling allows you the ability to quickly recognize if something is what you need or not.  You can label drawers, cabinets and containers in your home to streamline daily functions and save time throughout the day for the entire home.

6.  Use hooks to keep things off of the floor.  Hooks are great for closets and entryways.  This allows members of the house to hang their backpacks, coats and anything else that usually gets tossed on the back of the couch or bed.

7.  Keep laundry baskets in every closet.  Presorted laundry baskets for whites and darks are great for organizing closets and expediting laundry.

8.  Keep extra bags for trash INSIDE the containers.  This eliminates having to store the bags separately and having to run to different rooms to get extra.

9.  Keep a basket by the stairs on each floor.  This way anyone heading upstairs can grab anything that needs to be taken to the other floor.

Clutter will always happen, even in an organized home.  Organizing just helps keep it to a minimum and allows everyone in the house to carry on with their everyday activities, without being hindered by having to look for something every time they need it.

Congratulations on your new home!  We wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing anything you might have to add on this subject.