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9 terms to Know When Booking with a Houston Moving Company

Honestly, yes some moving companies may have fast talkers that are trying to confuse you, but rest easy not all movers are trying to get one over on you.

There are good honest Houston movers out there that want you to understand what you are doing when hiring a moving company.  Though they may say some words you are unfamiliar with, an established, trust-worthy moving company will have employees that are more than happy to walk you through the process and explain any terminology you have questions about.

We, as a company, want you to be as prepared as possible, so we have put together a list of common phrases or terms you may hear when booking movers in Houston, TX. Moving Terms

Here are 9 Terms to understand and listen for when booking a move with a Houston Mover.

1. Department of Transportation (DOT) is the federal agency that governs the interstate transportation industry, this includes movers of household goods. Every legitimate mover you deal with should have valid TxDot numbers and they should be displayed on every truck the company uses.

2. Standard coverage is the amount of money you will receive per pound of damaged goods.  By law moving companies must provide a minimum amount of free coverage, and this is the term for that coverage.  Typical amount is 60 cents per pound, per item. This is a bare minimum coverage and should be treated as such.

3. Added Value Protection is a way to protect your items above the standard coverage. 3 Men Movers offers and describes Added Value Protection on their website.

4. Trip Charge usually means the time and fuel expense used by the movers to get to and return from a move.

5. Hourly rate is the term used for the hourly cost of the labor you will pay the Houston movers for your move.  There may be a minimum hour amount such as two or three hours with the Houston moving company you are using. Make sure you find out from your moving company when your hourly rate starts and stops.

6. Overweight items are items that cost more to move in general.  These items will usually be an additional charge.  This is a typical term to hear when you are moving piano, gun safe, pool table or any item over 300 pounds.

7. Confirmation E-mail is usually the way your Houston moving company will confirm and put everything in writing for you about your move.  You should get everything, including all pricing and additional charges in writing immediately after booking to confirm.

8.) First move of the day is the term typically used by moving companies to confirm that your move will be the first one done that day by the specific movers who are moving you.  Many people prefer to be the “first move of the day” because you can know exactly when your movers will show up.

9.) Portable Storage is a term for large portable containers that can be left at a site as storage or as a way to transport items. In most cases portable storage units are ideal for those who are moving and need more time packing.

3 Men Movers offer portable storage in Houston as an option when you are looking for a storage solution.  These units are called Movits.  More information can be found about Movits, on the company website or by calling the office at 1-888-333-MOVE.

Again, this is just a small portion of the terminology used in the moving industry.  But these are terms our employees use and they will help you follow the conversation in the booking process.  We hope this blog will help you in your next step to book your move.

Remember when booking a move, the person on the other end of the phone should be patient and courteous when explaining all costs and answering questions.  There are honest movers out there that deserve your business and appreciate your understanding.

So, your moving and you need to book a Houston moving company.  Seems easy enough,right? But then you call around and start talking to sales representatives and hear all these crazy terms that you have never heard before. It may even feel like they are trying to confuse you.