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Need Movers Who Pack for You? Know This First

what to expect when movers pack for you

Yes, there really are movers who pack for you. You can hire them, and not break a sweat with a box.

Packing is one of the worst parts of moving. Since packing can take a lot of time and effort, lots of people hate that part. Luckily, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!

Read on to learn more about what to expect from movers who pack your things, what movers won’t pack, how to know if you should hire movers to pack, and how much the service typically costs. 

Will a Moving Company Pack All My Stuff?

This is a question we hear a lot. As difficult as it may be to believe, it’s true! You can absolutely find movers who will pack everything you didn’t get a chance to do on your own. 

Virtually all full-service moving companies will be glad to carefully wrap, secure, and box up your items before loading them on their own truck or your rental. 

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Are There Movers Who Unpack, Too?!


After all, what’s better than having someone unpack all the things you’re too tired to do after a long day of moving?

Unpacking at your final destination may not be as common a service option as packing, but it does exist. 

For example, not only do we offer unpacking services, but we also throw in free organizing for those who want a completely hands-off, no-hassle moving experience.

(Yes, it’s as nice as it sounds.) 

What Movers Will Not Pack For You

Hiring movers to pack and unpack is not an all-or-nothing type of service. So, if there are pieces you feel particularly sentimental about and would rather handle yourself, just let them know.  

However, there are some things that most moving companies either won’t or [legally] cannot pack.

Things that movers won’t pack:

  • Cash, jewelry (it’s best to transport these in your own vehicle)
  • Chemicals
  • Live Plants 
  • Living animals
  • Anything that shows signs of insect infestation or mold
  • Items soiled by human/animal bodily fluids
  • Live ammunition
  • Weapons
  • Very large equipment (often limited to 600 lbs.)

Some of these are items that no moving company will touch (think: chemical barrels or furniture containing roaches or bedbugs).

But some companies train personnel and specialize in moving certain things—like a vehicle, for instance.  Be sure to seek out a specialty moving company if you do need help moving such an item. 

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How Much Does a Packing Service Cost?

Packing services from moving companies are usually based on an hourly rate. This rate is often separate from your move since it’s considered a separate service. 

Why an hourly rate?

Not everyone needs or even wants packing services, so they’re always priced separately. 

Additionally, most people own many more items than they realize. A 2-bedroom home may take longer than a 3-bedroom home or apartment depending on how much stuff is inside.  

The time it takes to fully pack will dramatically influence your moving time, and ultimately, the cost

This is even more true if you’re not packing everything on your own.

Having movers who pack completely handle your stuff means you’re less likely to realize how much time it really takes.

Costs of packing and unpacking services will vary by the moving company, which is why you should be 100% clear on what you’re getting before committing. 

Here at 3 Men Movers, packing is based on our hourly moving rate, which can vary by the day of the week.  

What to Do Before Packers Arrive

After booking your packing (or unpacking) services with your chosen movers, here are the best things to do before your packers arrive:

  1. Set out any moving supplies & boxes you already have
  2. Open all closets & drawers so packers can see everything
  3. Clean & declutter as much as you can

How Soon Should I Book Movers to Pack For Me?

Depending on what you need, it’s ideal to book packers to help you 1-2 days before your intended move day.

If you have a few things or need last-minute assistance that you didn’t anticipate, ask if the packers can come in the morning and schedule your move for the afternoon. 

However, if you only have a few things, ask yourself if you should even hire packers or just find the time to do it yourself.

Before hiring professional packers, stop and consider whether the service is really worth it for the amount of items and free time you have. What else is included? Are there any extra charges?

If you’re in a bind, reach out to us and we’ll accommodate you however we can!

Try to plan your packing in advance so your crew has more time to move you on the day you desire (or need to be out). Planning is a good idea no matter if you’re packing on your own or hiring help. 

Movers may not be experienced in packing, and many won’t move loose and/or breakable items. That’s why it’s important that everything you want to move is prepared and ready to go at the time of your appointment. 

Happy moving!


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