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Answers from a Move Concierge: “Help, Something Came Up! Can I Reschedule?”

Help, Something Came Up! Can I Reschedule?

3 Men Movers makes it easy to reschedule, cancel, or postpone your services. Avoid the stress of scheduling conflicts with some great tips from our Austin Move Concierge Sarah.

How To Reschedule Your Move

Scheduling conflicts happen and sometimes you need to reschedule your move. Here’s how to avoid stressful or unnecessary scheduling conflicts.

At 3 Men Movers, we aim to create happy, stress-free moves. Why? Studies show that moving can be one of the most stressful moments in a person’s life, in comparison with divorce or loss of a loved one. What better way to avoid this stress than working with professional movers? We take pride in our ability to work flexibly with you, and are trained to deal with the sudden inconveniences of life. I receive many calls from people dealing with scheduling conflicts and they feel terrible about requesting so many changes. I’m here to let you know that you’re not the only one! The Move Concierge team is here to reschedule, increase, or reduce services to better meet your needs. Here’s how to avoid stressful or unnecessary scheduling conflicts:

The biggest cause for rescheduling is house closings. I know it can be difficult, but if possible, try not to book your services on the day of your closing. The last thing you need to be worried about is movers showing up when you’re still in the middle of paperwork! Additionally, as a good stress management tool, try to assume that your closing won’t happen when planned.
Consider a two (or more!) day process. Some people like to get everything done in one day. I get it – it’s only one day of stress! However, if you’re using our packing service, it’s best if you don’t book the packers on the same day as the movers. Everything needs to be packed up when the movers get there, so if the ladies are still packing, it can severely slow down your move time. Now, if you have no choice but to schedule packers in the morning and movers in the evening, we will definitely do our best to accommodate you! Give us a call and we’ll explain the process.

Verify that your new apartment, home, or storage unit is ready for intake. Sometimes, your apartment or storage might not be ready as previously planned. Give your landlord or storage company a call a few days before your planned move to inform them that you will be moving in (if you haven’t already), or remind them of your move-in date. They’ll confirm whether your unit or home is ready for takeoff! If not, we have a simple process in place to suspend your planned services until you have a fixed date and location for your move. Stuff happens and plans change! We won’t hold it against you. Your moving information stays safe in our system so that we can simply plug in the new date.
Never fret during the illnesses, work conflicts, acts of God, or sudden repairs that may delay your moves! Your moving company should always be ready to help, and will never allow you to feel as if you’re doing them a disservice.

In a nutshell: don’t stress, call us! We will always understand when you have to reschedule, postpone, or cancel your services. You will not be charged any fees for cancellation. Just do your best to let us know about the change as soon as you can! Happy moving!