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Answers from a Move Concierge: Some Tips on How to Tip

Answers from a Move Concierge

Tipping your movers shouldn’t be an obligation or a conflict. In this blog post, our Move Concierge Sarah offers a few tips on how to tip your mover!

We’ve all been taught to mind our “P’s & Q’s” and no one thinks twice about it, but tipping is a whole new ballpark. It’s funny that in a society where tipping is customary in so many situations, that we’re very secretive about it. At restaurants, we leave the tip on the table at the very last moment before rushing out or when you use your credit card, it is considered uncomfortable or rude for the server to take the ticket before you have left the table. When you have to hand the tip to the person providing the service directly, it can make things a little uncomfortable if you’re not sure the proper gratuity procedures. Here’s a few questions I’ve received from inquiring customers: Tip your mover

Do I tip the movers/packers?
Only  if you want to! Gratuity is entirely unexpected and very appreciated. We know that you just spent a lot of money on a new home and moving to that new home, so please don’t feel pressured to tip if it is not something that you feel comfortable doing. A tip should be earned by the movers/packers because you feel like they did a great job, not because you feel obligated.

How much do you tip?
When I was just a customer and using movers for the first time, I googled the average tip for movers. I came across many articles that agreed that 5% of the total bill was pretty standard. Now that I work with 3 Men Movers, when people ask me, I let them know that whatever they feel like the crew has earned is what they should tip. However, use the 5% suggestion to get an idea of what a standard tip is if it helps!

How do I tip?
Like most services that accept tips, cash is always preferred. When the crew gets cash tips, they get to take that money home that day. You can, however, tip when paying with credit or debit. Just let the crew know how much you would like to tip and they can add it into the iPad for you before you finish payment. Gratuity on credit cards will be paid out when the crew gets their checks.

The way I look at it, gratuity is a reward. The person is already being paid to perform the service, the tip is just something nice that you give when you appreciate the job well done, the time, and the effort the person spent in completing the task. No one should feel guilty that they can’t give a larger tip. “Your appreciation of my services is not rendered into large enough monetary value.” Pish tosh! At 3 Men Movers, you will never hear grumbles if you don’t leave a tip, or groans if the tip is small… our greatest pleasure is in creating your stress-free move. Happy moving!