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10 Moving Apps To Get (& Keep) Your Move on Track

10 best apps that make moving easy

You’ve got an app to wake you up in the morning, an app to help you keep appointments, but what you may not know is that there are apps that help you plan and remain organized throughout your move. As your resident moving experts, we thought we’d do some digging and give you the scoop on the best 10 apps to keep your move smooth and uneventful (re: the dream move).

Phase 1: Finding a new home

You can’t move unless you’ve got somewhere to go so the first step when planning a move is deciding where you’re going to be moving to. Unlike the old days, all you need to do is type in the zip code that you’re interested in and browse away!

Best Apps

  • Zillow: if you’re looking to purchase or rent a home this is a great place to start your search. Along with viewing the prices of homes you can look through photos of the exterior and interior, video walkthroughs, when the home was built, details on the make of the property, and information on the neighborhood it’s located in.

  • hunting for an apartment is much easier when you utilize tools like Apartments. You can sort apartments based on neighborhood, price, and even the proximity to your office. A pro tip is to screenshot the price of the apartment before you view it in person. Rates for apartments are known to change regularly but many apartments will honor the rate that it was listed for when you online if you have documentation.

Phase 2: De-cluttering

One inevitable thing that happens every time you pack up your home is rediscovering all of the stuff in your house that you haven’t used for ages, or boxes that never managed to unpack after your last move. Take the time to purge before your move, instead of hauling stuff to your new home that you don’t use or want anymore. If you haven’t used it in 6 months, let it go!

Best Apps

  • LetGo: this is a no-fuss app that does exactly what the name claims to, it helps you let go of things that you don’t want to haul to your new home whether that’s furniture, clothing, or even old electronics.

  • VarageSale: while it has a similar setup, VarageSale helps you sell items within your community and is linked to your Facebook account which may add a level of security and comfort for you. Once you join a community you can post the items that you want to sell. Since it is community-based, most buyers will actually arrange to meet you at your home or at an agreed upon location to pick up their items.

Phase 3: Packing

Being properly packed doesn’t just mean getting all of your belongings into boxes.You need to keep tabs on what belongings are in what boxes and where your movers need to place them when they start unloading. Trust us, if you don’t document the process you’ll end up digging through 20 boxes just to find the coffeemaker.

Best Apps

  • Sortly: one of the coolest features on this app is their visual inventory lists. Instead of writing the contents of your boxes out on paper, you take photos of the items as you pack them, add them to a visual list, and print a QR code that you apply to each fully packed box. When you get to your new home, there’s no guessing what’s inside. Just scan the QR code and you can view everything in it.

  • MagicPlan: this app allows you to create a floor plan and map out how you want to organize your new space. This is a particularly great tool if your sizing down and you aren’t sure how your current furniture will fit into your new place. Once you know where your furniture is going to go, you can put a label or sticky notes on each item so that your movers know exactly where to place it when they begin unloading.

Phase 4: Finding a mover

When choosing a mover, you’re deciding who you’re going to let into your home and handle your belongings so it’s important to choose wisely.

Best Apps:

  • Yelp: you’re probably already using this app to find new eateries but Yelp is also a great resource for locating local moving companies. While you’re reading through customer reviews, make sure to expand each review and read the responses that the owners leave. This helps you find out whether or not your movers will be there for you in case if issues do arise.

  • Truckstop: hiring unlicensed movers puts your home and your belongings at risk. After you find a company that you want to reach out to, use the Truckstop app to ensure that they have a valid license before trusting them. All movers in Texas are required to list their DMV number on their website (it’s usually in the footer of the site) and on their trucks. Once you search their number you’ll be able to see whether or not they are compliant with DMV regulations.

Phase 5: Settling in

Now that you’ve gotten through finding a new place, preparing for your move, and moving your belongings into your home all that’s left to do is settle in and make your new house feel like home.

  • HomeAdvisor: this app makes it easy to find professionals that can help you add finishing touches to your home after you move in. You can find vendors that can help you re-paint walls, fix plumbing issues, or to help you re-vamp your landscaping.

  • NextDoor: moving to a new neighborhood is a lot like your first day at a new school. You’re shy, you don’t really know how to get around, and it can feel pretty daunting. NextDoor makes being the new kid on the block a lot easier. You can join neighborhood forums to ask for advice on local home service vendors, get the low-down on neighborhood events, and even ask your neighbors about how to stay safe in the area.

In Conclusion

Technology is woven into nearly every facet of our lives, so why should it be any different when it comes to your move? Take advantage of these apps during each phase of your move and we guarantee it’ll be your easiest move yet!