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The Best Way to “Find Movers Near Me”

The Best Way To Find Movers Near Me

The Best Way to Find Movers Near Me

So you’ve found a new home and are eager to move on to the next step of moving. What’s next? Well, it’s time to find professional movers who can make this move a breeze! Your natural inclination might be to simply Google "movers near me" or maybe "Houston movers" so you can call the first link that comes up. But hold on! How do you know the movers who happen to be closest to you will be the right movers for the job? Unfortunately, distance isn’t a great indicator of quality. Instead, consider a few other details that can tell you more about the kind of moving company you’re dealing with. Basically, if you want to be an online moving sleuth, look into these three signs you’re about to work with legitimate movers, not just any "movers near me."

Google the Address

When it comes to trying to find the best movers, Google is your friend…specifically Google Maps. Just open the address on the map and look for images of the building. And I did say building…not apartment or random dirt lot. You should see real, official looking office space. If the name of the moving company is on the building and you see moving trucks parked in front, even better!

If you look at the pictures or the satellite view and can’t immediately tell it’s a company at all, be suspicious. Rogue movers tend to work out of apartments, so if the first few results for "movers near me" don’t show actual buildings, move on to the next movers on the list.

Make Sure the Company Is Authorized to Operate

Texas movers have to be authorized for intrastate operation in order to be legitimate. You can check the Texas DMV Truck Stop site to make sure your local movers are properly registered. The movers you look up should have an "active" status on the site.

If it says "inactive" next to their name, the moving company is not authorized to operate in Texas. That means it’s not a legitimate moving company, and it’s time to consider the next company that comes up in the list of results when you Google "movers near me." Keep going down the list until you find a moving company that has the "active" status. Sure, it doesn’t mean they’re the best movers to use, but it means they’ll be held accountable by the state for anything they damage, and that’s a good start!

Read Company Reviews

If you’ve found a few moving companies that have actual offices and are authorized to operate, good job! You’re on the way to finding the best movers near you. Now you just need a way to choose between them, and online reviews can help. However, don’t just count the stars they have, since sadly some companies do buy reviews.

Instead, read the reviews to make sure they sound legitimate. If they all sound a little too similar–as if the same person wrote them all–be wary. That might be exactly what happened! So look for reviews that sound as if real customers wrote them, and pay attention to what they say in those reviews. If most people mention that the movers arrived on time, were friendly and stuck to the agreed upon price, you’re probably on the right track to finding the best movers!

With offices in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, it’s possible we’ll come up in your search for "movers near me." And you can rest assured we have real office space, clearance to operate in Texas and good reviews by real customers. But even if we don’t come up in your search, feel free to contact us to get answers to any questions you have about our moving services!