Ever wonder what it takes to become a Crew Leader for 3 Men Movers? Our Crew Leaders are put through a detailed and intensive traning course crafted by our professional and experienced moving experts. We make sure our drivers are in peak condition and always ready to service our customers with the most stress free move they’ve ever had! 

3 Men Movers Crew Leaders


Here are a couple of the big-ticket items each Crew Leader complete and pass to meet our certification standards: 

1. Must pass a comprehensive background check

2. Must have had a Texas Drivers License for at least 2 years

3. Must pass drug/alcohol test

4. Must pass a physical exam

5. Must pass yearly driving record inspection 

6. Must complete extensive truck inspections every month

7. Must be over 23 years of age

With our thorough certification program, our customers are always in great hands with movers who care!