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Don’t Let San Antonio Movers Freak you out! Ask These 9 Questions

It’s no secret.  Moving can be a crazy experience, especially if you are hiring a full service moving company to help you with your move.  don't let san antonio movers freak you out

Each moving company operates differently.  Each San Antonio Mover may require different information up front and follow different procedures when completing your move.

It is easy to make phone calls to moving companies and get overwhelmed and intimidated by everything you need to know and remember.  You may even look at moving as a nightmare, but rest easy it doesn’t have to be that scary.

Each moving company has it’s own system on quoting and booking.  They use their own lingo and terminology.  This doesn’t mean you have to feel intimidated about calling for a moving quote.  If the moving company is a legitimate San Antonio mover and worthy of your business, they should be available and willing to answer any questions you may have before your move.  The company should have a friendly and open staff willing to walk you through the process and calm your nerves during this trying time in your life.

Calling several movers San Antonio offers is an important part of staying sane while booking a moving company.  Asking all of your questions and getting quotes will allow you to rest easy in knowing you are getting a trust-worthy moving company for a great price.

Our moving experts have put together some of the best questions to make sure you are confident and in control when you call to book a San Antonio move.

Here are 9 great questions to ask San Antonio Movers.

1.  How is the local moving company coming up with my moving quote?  

We will let you in on the secrets of how the moving company creates and delivers your moving quote.  There are several different ways to quote a move.

The two most common ways for quoting from a professional moving company are per item quote and an hourly rate.  The per item quote is done over the phone by the representative estimating hour many items you have and giving you a price per item.  This type of quoting can be dangerous because movers who use this form of quoting will add high extra charges for any extra items.  Hourly rate is the most typical type of quoting and is done with an hourly rate and no estimate on time.

Quotes are often given as an estimate based on facts from your specific move.

It’s important to understand this process.  This is where the scare factor comes from with local San Antonio movers.  The unknown.  Ask a lot of questions and be knowledgable of how the quoting process works.

2.  Does the SA mover have any extra charges?

The person you speak to about your move must be knowledgeable when answering this question and shouldn’t mind communicating their charges and fees.  These questions are your opportunity to dig in and decide if that company is one you really feel you can trust with your valuables.

It’s just like when you sit at home on movie night watching that scary movie.  You can see it happening from a mile away because you hear the scary music and see it coming.  Be that aware when booking your San Antonio move.  Look for traits of the scary mover and run. Scary movers avoid giving specifics on their policies and prices before your move.

You will find a reliable moving service, as long as you are cautious and ask questions before you book your move.

3.  What is the mover’s insurance policy? 

Most movers allow you to add on additional coverage for your belongings if you chose to.  This additional coverage in Texas is called Added Value Protection.  You can find more information on this from your sales representatives premove.

Added Value Protection is not traditional insurance because it is not sold by a licensed insurance broker, but it is very similar.  It protects the customer from financial loss if items are lost or damaged.

All legitimate moving companies should be fully insured and bonded.

4.  How long has this moving company been in business?

Look for a moving company that has been in business for at least 10 years.  A long track record indicates sustained success, and means the company is less likely to be set up quickly with less than stellar intentions.

Sadly, moving is an industry that is filled with both legitimate and illegitimate companies.  Look for established moving companies to do your next move.

5.  What form of payment does the mover accept and when will it be due? 

This is important for the obvious reason, you will need to be ready with the proper form of payment for your mover.  Many moving companies only accept cash and credit.

6.  How will your San Antonio moving company stay in contact with me?

Making sure you have a way to stay in contact with your mover is very important.  Many people book their move several weeks in advance, but will have questions along the way.  A legitimate company will stay in contact by phone and email before your move.

Some local San Antonio movers will offer moving tips and information reguarding your move on their website.

7.  What kind of cancellation or reschedule policy does you local moving company have?

Many local movers in San Antonio have different policies or fees for rescheduling and cancelling.  Your mover should thoroughly go over these policies with you premove.  Ask about fees and policies before you book.

8.  What extra moving services does your company offer and how much does the company charge for them?

Many companies offer other services such as packing and unpacking, self-storage and portable storage.  These services are usually very convenient and indicate that the moving company understands the customer’s needs.

Asking about extra services is a good question to sniff out any extra charges that you feel should not be applicable.  For example some movers will charge an extra fee for moving certain items from one floor to another.

9.  Do you guarantee what time your movers will show up?

Many times a mover can NOT guarantee what time the movers will show up unless it is the first move of the day.  This is very good to know and will help you plan your move day to be as stress free as possible.

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