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4 Must Knows Before Moving to San Antonio

San Antonio - 4 things to know before your big move

4 Must Knows Before Moving to San Antonio

Get excited – this is a fun town to move to:

If a big city in the south seems to be calling your name, it’s time to check out San Antonio. This area has it all, from theme parks and fiestas to the Alamo and breakfast tacos! And it’s all wrapped up with a small-town feel you probably don’t expect from the second largest city in Texas. If you’re not sure about your move yet, take a look at just a few advantages San Antonio has to offer.

1. It’s the Largest Small Town You’ve Ever Seen

San Antonio may be the seventh largest city in the U.S., but it sure doesn’t feel like it! It’s known for being a “big small town.” That’s mainly because of the friendly, neighborly attitude most locals have. San Antonio is not a place where people avoid eye contact, so expect some warm smiles and waves as you stroll down the street. Don’t assume the wave was meant for someone behind you; just wave back! You’ll also notice that, unlike most big cities, the buildings and homes here aren’t all squished together. San Antonio is actually pretty spread out, which again evokes the feel of a smaller city in the country — not a huge city with about 1.49 million people.

2. There’s Plenty to See and Do in San Antonio

San Antonio is known for being the home of the Alamo, so you have to check it out if you’re interested in seeing stunning historic buildings for yourself. But there’s a lot more to San Antonio than the Alamo. If you want to see more historic missions, you’ve hit the jackpot with the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. If you’re in the mood to shop once you’ve had your fill of history and architecture, head to San Antonio’s River Walk, which has a whole street full of stores, restaurants, bars and more — plus a beautiful view of the San Antonio River. And don’t forget that this city has a few theme parks you’ll want to get your fill of, such as Six Flags Fiesta Texas, SeaWorld San Antonio, Splashtown San Antonio, Morgan’s Wonderland and Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort. So it’s pretty hard to be bored here at any age!

3. Expect Fiestas and Festivals Galore

One of the most exciting events in this city is the Fiesta San Antonio, a celebration that’s been happening every spring since 1891. What was once a simple parade to honor the heroes who fought for the area is now an 11-day event that features several parades, fashion shows, a carnival and much more. Pretty much the entire city participates, so you don’t want to miss it. When the Fiesta is not going on, the city hosts other events, such as rodeos, car shows and festivals celebrating everything from music to food. So if you like citywide events where you can meet your neighbors, San Antonio is the place for you.

4. You’re Going to Have Tacos for Breakfast at Some Point

Sure, tacos for breakfast sounds odd right now, but once you move to San Antonio, it will sound so right. It’s a pretty big thing here, and we’re confident you’ll eventually give it a whirl. And when you do, you’ll find there are tons of restaurants to choose from, since the best breakfast tacos come from places like Taco Taco Cafe, Mi Tierra and The Original Donut Shop.

If this sounds like your kind of town, contact 3 Men Movers today. We have an office in San Antonio, so we know the area well and would love to help you get here with the assistance of our professional moving services!

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