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5 Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Our goal is to make each phase of your move as easy as possible. While every move is unique, there are frequently asked questions that come up on nearly every call receive, so we decided to compile a short Q&A to help answer your pressing questions!

Q: How much is my move going to cost?

A: The cost of each move is determined by two factors: the hourly rate and the trip charge. We can tell you exactly how much your trip charge is using your starting and ending addresses; this cost covers your crew getting to your location and back to our office. Our hourly rates vary by day of the week as we do have midweek specials but we’re more than happy to break down the varying rates for you, just fill out our form to receive your quote.

Q: How long is my move going to take?

A: Every move is different. The length of your move is affected by the amount of belongings that you have, whether or not you are fully packed and ready to go, and the amount of traffic in between your locations. To better control the length of your move ensure that you are boxed when your crew arrives – you’d be amazed how much time you can save with this simple step!

Q: Do I have to tip my movers?

A: The most important thing that you should know about tipping your movers is that tipping is completely up to you. On average most customers tip our movers $10-$30 per mover and either hand their tip to the crew leader, give it to each individual, or ask that it be put on their credit card when paying their final bill (whichever they feel most comfortable with). You should also know that one of the highest forms of flattery for our crews is providing them with a positive review!

Q: Is my furniture going to be protected?

A: All of our moving crews arrive at your home with everything needed to keep your belongings protected throughout the process of moving. Our experts will wrap your belongings with blankets, shrink wrap, and pack/strap your items tightly so that your items don’t shift during the transit process (which is when the majority of damage occurs).

Q: What if there are damages?

A: Although our trained professionals will do everything in their power to prevent any damage to your belongings you can rest assured that if there is damage our claims department will work with you to either repair or replace your damaged items. Our customer service team is here 7 days a week to support you.

In conclusion

Please keep in mind that these are 3 Men Movers policies and not industry standards. If you do have further questions regarding your upcoming move please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!