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How to Help Your Kids Adjust to a New School After You Move

How to Help Your Kids Adjust to a New School After You Move

How to Help Your Kids Adjust to a New School After You Move

Moving isn’t easy on most adults, but it can be even harder on kids–especially if the move means switching schools in the middle of the school year. At least adults have the option of making their move easier by hiring experienced San Antonio movers. Kids can’t exactly hire someone to make switching schools easier on them! But they do have you to help them through the process. If you’re not sure what to tell them or how to ease the transition, here are a few ideas to consider before the move.

Kids tend to adapt better if they feel invested in the decision, meaning they had some say. You can start by letting them help you pick their new school. Of course, this isn’t always possible, especially if there’s only one qualified school for your child to attend. In that case, involve them in as many decisions as you can, even if it’s just helping select their new clothes, shoes and notebooks for the school year.

But if there’s more than one school near your new home, collect some information about the different options and then go over it all with your child. Make a list of the pros and cons of each school, such as distance, dress code/uniforms, school ratings, extracurricular activities, etc. Then consider your child’s opinions before you make the final decision.

Get Familiar with the New School Early On

Your kids probably have some anxiety about that dreaded first day in a new school. You can help them get over their fears by ensuring they know where to go before the first day even gets here. You should be able to arrange to take a tour of the school with your child, making sure to point out important spots–like their classroom, the cafeteria, the playground and the library.

If possible, grab a map of the school to bring home so your child can study it any time he or she feels anxious about getting lost on that first day. You can also ask the staff for a list of clubs and sports your child can join. After all, getting involved in activities early on is an easy way to make new friends fast!

Help Your Kids with New and Old Friendships

As you plan your move, be sensitive to the fact that your kids won’t be thrilled to leave behind their friends. But you can ease the pain by helping them stay in touch. Encourage them to exchange email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses so they can talk to each other after the move.

At the same time, you want your kids to make some new friends after you move, too. You can help that along by finding out if there are any buddy programs at the new school. For example, ask the principal if your child can start writing letters to any current students who might have the same interests and will be in the same class. That way, your child will already know at least one student once you move.

Give It Time

Very few people–adults and kids alike!–will feel completely comfortable in a new environment within just weeks. So if your kids take some time to adapt, don’t worry. Just keep talking to them about their school day, asking about their social interactions, tests and homework on a daily basis.

It might take weeks or even months, but one day, your child will light up after school while telling you about a new friend or an A on a test. At that point, you’ll be glad your family made the move!

As you work on transitioning your child to a new school, don’t forget to get some help for yourself during the move. The right San Antonio moving company can take the stress off you so you can focus on helping your children adjust to the new home. At 3 Men Movers, we’d be happy to send some friendly, experienced San Antonio movers to you, so call today to start planning your move!

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