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History Of Moving

What did moving look like before the moving truck? What motivates mankind to move? Our Move Concierge Sarah takes a brief look at the history of moving, and how it has grown into a multimillion dollar industry.

“Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday.” – John Wayne

In a lot of ways, John Wayne embodied the Western culture and the pioneering spirit of moving through history graphicAmerica. We Americans have always felt the need to explore and build new places. Moving is in our blood.  Many of John Wayne’s films featured the horse-hauled Conestoga Wagon. You may not think so, but this vehicle is the ancestor to the modern-day moving truck! If you were a settler in the 1820s, you most likely owned the wagon and were moving more than a few cardboard boxes, but essentially it is the same idea!

Early 1800s: In 1804, the first full-scale steam locomotive was introduced in the United Kingdom, effectively revolutionizing the idea of transportation. Not only did trains usher a new opportunity for travel, they opened plenty of opportunities for relocation and expansion. People could venture wherever trains would take them, and they did! Naturally, the first semblances of moving companies sprang up around this time to address the complications relocation presented. These companies would pick up your belongings via horse and buggy (the old-fashioned way) and store them in warehouses that were located close to train stations. When a train was heading to your destination, the company would load your belongings onto a train car and send it to your new location.

Early 1900s: Motorized vehicles added yet another means of freedom and transportation, allowing the moving industry to grow. Moves could now be done locally or interstate with motor-vans. As the vehicles evolved, so did the moving companies. People have been given more freedom to move and explore without being tied down by their ability to move their belongings.

1995: Despite these rapid advances in transportation, the moving industry remained unregulated until 1995 when the Department of Transportation set forth the rights & responsibilities of companies in caring for their customers. At this point, 3 Men Movers had been operating for ten years under the guidance of John Fischer. His daughter Jacky began to work under her father at the age of 12, before eventually taking over the company after years’ of growth. At 3 Men Movers, we follow all of the guidelines put forth by TxDOT closely and operate with the utmost transparency in order to maintain the trust of our customers. Doing so has allowed us to branch out all over Texas to offer the best moving services possible.

It is interesting to look back through the history of the moving industry and see just where a company started and how they grew with the industry itself. I enjoy being part of a company that has made moving easier through honest business. In honor of #WayBackWednesday, Happy Moving!