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How To: Avoid Stress on Move Day

How To Avoid Stress On Move Day
How To Avoid Stress on Move Day

Here are several tips to de-stress your move. From utilizing a moving checklist, to packing an essentials bag, well get you prepared without the nerves.

Move day can be seriously stressful! Avoid unnecessary stress with these easy-to-follow tips. Save time, tend to the kids, and never forget a step.

The big day has arrived, and you’re stressed! There’s no doubt that move day can mean multitasking – whether you’re supervising movers, catching up on last-mintue cleaning, and packing the family van. At 3 Men Movers, we believe that happy, stress-free moves call for as much planning as possible. Creating a solid game plan ahead of time and getting organized can minimize the chaos. Here are a few quick tips that can help you maintain your sanity on moving day:

  • If you have small children or pets in the house, consider getting a sitter for the day. Children and pets can get fussy with all the commotion. Get some peace of mind during your move and get a sitter for the day.

  • If you plan to have your home phone disconnected, make sure to provide an alternate contact number to your movers.

  • When packing remember to separate essential items. The last thing you want to do is get to your new place and have to scavenge for items you use daily.

  • Gather a few cleaning supplies and leave them at your soon to be old home. If you live in a rental property and plan to request your deposit back, you will probably find yourself cleaning up after the move. You don’t want to take all your cleaning supplies to your new place and have to haul them back to do last minute cleaning.

  • Most people defrost their refrigerators prior to moving day to avoid having water drippage during the move. However, moving day can be exhausting and you must stay hydrated. Consider getting a cooler with ice to keep water bottles cool.

  • Don’t forget to eat. It is vital to stay energized on moving day. Designate someone to do a food run or prepare simple foods in advance, such as sandwiches.

Are there any other tips you use to avoid stress? Try incorporating them into your moving plan and your routine on the day of your move. As always, happy moving!