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How To Befriend Your Neighbors

After moving into your new home one of the things that people struggle with the most is getting to know your neighbors. They can come to be close friends or they may just end up being someone that you can call on for a quick favor like watching your place when you’re out of town or someone to contact in case of an emergency.

Getting to know your neighbors, (or really anyone) is difficult these days. People don’t walk door to door with gift baskets when they see movers arriving in the neighborhood.

Easy tips on how to befriend your new neighbors:

Bite the bullet and just say hello

Rip the band-aid off! Make sure you introduce yourself the first time you see them, or else you run the risk of falling into that awkward territory where you feel like it’s too weird to say hello. If you see your neighbors in the yard while you’re leaving for work or while you’re unpacking take a few moments to introduce yourself. If you don’t see them out and about, knock on their door!

If you’re feeling nervous you can ask them about local yard services, or the best places to eat as a way to get your foot in the door.

Take a dish

This is a tried and true way to get to know your neighbors. Food just has a way of bringing people together. Take them your signature dish or for those who aren’t talented in the kitchen, you could also take them pastries or a treat from the store.

See what local events are happening in your neighborhood

A great way to get to know your neighborhood, as well as your neighbors, is to attend local events. Look online or in the newspaper for what’s going on in your area and make an appearance!

Invite them to your housewarming party

If you’re planning on throwing a housewarming party, add your new neighbors to your guest list. This is a great method for those who hope to start friendships with their neighbors.

In conclusion

Once you get the slight awkward pleasantries and small talk out of the way you’ll be grateful for it. Being on good terms with your neighbors can be very beneficial. You’ll have someone next door that you can call should you ever need them!