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Realtor Spotlight Kim Horther

Kim Horther

Meet Kim Horther

Kim Horther

Kim Horther is ONE determined young lady! She grew up, out in the middle of nowhere, in Deming, New Mexico (100 miles west of El Paso… on the way to California.) Her dad was editor/publisher of the local paper.

She went away to Tucson to study journalism, but (at age 19) her dad suggested Kim get her real estate license. She sold 4 homes in 6 months!
She wanted to move to Texas. So, with her real estate commissions in her pocket, she moved to Austin…with no job. Her first interview was with the head of the Texas Union at UT. He told her they had no openings. But Kim would not take “no” for an answer. She asked if he knew what Tuna Helper was. He asked why. Kim told him that she had one can of tuna and a box of Tuna Helper in her apartment and when that was gone, she was out of food. “I need a job!” 45 minutes later, Kim had 3 part-time jobs with The University. She worked hard and ended up as the fund raiser for the Graduate School Dean…who later became Chancellor of U.T. Wow!
Kim moved to Ohio where she met her husband, started a family…and eventually moved back to Austin. She’s been an Austin Realtor for 12 years and absolutely loves her job.

 Are you a dog or cat person?Dog. I have a rescue mutt named Max. But my daughter has a cat. The cat is growing on me.

If you could have a celebrity as a neighbor?I’d go for Carol Burnett on one side of me. She’s such an entertaining person! And on the other side – Doris Day. 

Your first car?A Ford Granada: 4-on-the-floor with a CB radio. My handle was SpecialK.

Favorite restaurant?Chez Zee. What a fun place! Great atmosphere. Delicious food. 

Secret of your success as a Realtor?“When my clients hire me, they are working with a professional who believes in building relationships that last a lifetime. Their business and their referrals allow me to be successful and I never forget that. I am grateful for them every single day.” 

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