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San Antonio Movers You Can Trust

With a reputation for professionalism, customer service, hard work and transparency- See how we operate at 3 Men Movers.


Small Town Feel

If you grew up in a small town, the front door was probably never locked. Neighbors were family or close friends, and you knew whom to trust; Due mostly to the limited population but also the sense of community and the value of integrity. Small town simplicities are rare now, and knowing whom to trust is convoluted. Sentiments and sayings hold little worth due to overuse and marketing sensibilities.

Apply This to Your Move

Hiring your San Antonio Mover requires numerous considerations: personal referrals, price, and for most search engine results. And after you’ve concluded your due diligence…do you know thy mover, do you trust thy San Antonio mover? Moving is a personal service, allowing one into your most intimate space and handle your personal accouterments. For home is where your and heart is and that’s usually where your television, wardrobe, and other worldly possessions are too. Holding more than just financial value, but sentimental as well. To be honest, you don’t care for that one noisy neighbor, who holds redundant conversations at your front door, in your mind using the opportunity to critique your home’s personal aesthetic. You attempt to strategically place yourself in the doorway to block her view. In vain it seems. She describes your entry wall color better than the manufacturer did in the pamphlet. Needless to say inviting an unknown individual causes varied levels of anxiety. What may help? High-calorie foods and an online search- Hoping to uncover a name, a picture, a sense of control. Most agree information is power (another reason to love/loathe the internet).

Your Move, Our Mission

3 Men Movers has grown their business on a reputation of professionalism, customer service, hard work, and transparency. The day before a customer’s move the name of their crew leader is emailed, serving as a final confirmation- The next best thing to a small town referral.

Our San Antonio Marketing Representative provided the ideal touch of a small town feel: “In my neurosis/empathy, I thought similar minded San Antonio Movers would appreciate personal anecdotes from a few of our 3 Men Mover crew leaders- A personal look at the men who are charged with carefully moving you from your present to your future!”

Meet Your Movers

San Antonio Mover - Ruben

Ruben Rangel

In three words: Outgoing, happy, easy going

Hardest earned accomplishment: Earning my certificate as a Pharmacy Tech

What are you most of proud of? Owning my own truck, and being a father.

If you could have a super-power what would it be? I wish I could fly.

Favorite Movie: Hand’s down- Top Gun

If you could visit any place, where would it be? Paris

Favorite Food?  A good burger

San Antonio Mover - Luis

Luis Rivera

In three words? Patient, friendly, reserved

Proudest Accomplishment? My two daughters and son

Hardest thing you’ve ever done: Leaving my family in Mexico

Favorite Movie: Back to the Future

If you could have any super-power what would it be? Super-Speed

If you could visit any place: Guadalajara

Favorite food: Chicken Mole

In the end trust cannot be uttered or demanded, it must be earned. 3 Men Movers has been moving Texans over 27 years and last year alone earned the trust of over 20,000 movers.  Nevertheless, never disregard your internal trust-o-meter, and always do your research. Happy Moving!