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Know Your Rights Before You Move

 moving rightsMoving companies are not all created equal and it is important to ask the right questions before you book your move.  Knowing your moving rights will allow you to choose a trusted and legal company. You should also look for reviews from previous customers online.  Yelp or Angie’s List is a great place to start when doing this.

Asking the right questions is just the first step toward choosing the right moving company.  Knowing your rights not only in the home buying process but also in the moving process is another big piece. Knowledge is power and when you are well informed you can set yourself up for success.  If you are moving in Texas, you are protected by state law.

Your moving company should be more than willing to follow the regulations and standards enforced by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV.)  As a local Texas moving company since 1985, we want you and your client to know your rights and avoid any mover that doesn’t deserve your client’s business.

Here are 3 essential facts to protect your client before their move:

1.  It is state law that movers in Texas are registered by TxDMV.

There is a convenient and easy resource to determine whether a Texas Moving Company is registered and licensed.  This resource can be found on the TxDMV website called the “Texas Truck Stop“.

Look up a moving company on Texas Truck Stop to check if it is registered and licensed in two easy ways.

  • You can look the company up by name, or
  • You can look the moving company up by TxDMV registration number.

After you look up the company, you will receive the status of the company’s TxDMV registration.  There are seven different TxDMV status levels.

Read on for a convenient explanation of the different status levels the TxDMV has for moving companies and what each one tells you about your mover.

  • Active.  This is the status that shows good standing with the TxDMV.
  • Active-NI.  If you run into this status it means an administrative enforcement action has been brought up against this moving company. This is almost always an insurance issue.
  • Dismissed.  This reflects that a moving company registration was set up in error or the company requested it be removed.
  • Incomplete.  This status shows that there is an application in from the moving company but for a number of possible reasons it is incomplete. Incomplete status is usual typical with unpaid fees or incomplete applications.
  • Revoked.  The moving company did at one time have an active status. With a revoked status the registration was pulled due to either lack of insurance, administrative action, safety or non-compliance issues. Non-compliance that can result in a revoked status can be with either the TxDMV or with a previous customer.
  • Transitional.  This status shows there is an online insurance submission pending by the moving company and the status will change after processing of this application.

There will be an “Active” TxDMV certificate number on file for a registered, licensed moving company.  If you choose to go with a moving company that does not have an active status you risk trusting your items with a dishonest moving company that may not treat you fairly.

2.  Texas moving companies are, by law required to give you a written proposal document and contract.

This written document should contain details of your move, such as your move day and any charges discussed that pertain to your move.  This written proposal could come by email.

Your Texas moving company must provide a contract after your move is completed.  This contract must total up an itemized summary of services and products supplied with costs per item and a final cost.

3.  All claims with a Texas moving company must be filed within 90 days of your move.

The TxDMV will work on your behalf with the Texas moving company if you have hired a registered, licensed Texas mover. However, if claims are not filed within 90 days you forgo important protections and rights.

So don’t forget these 3 important flags to watch out for when choosing your mover…they can save you a great deal of money and frustration.