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Know Your Rights When Picking a Moving Company

Let’s face it, choosing a moving company is a big decision. There are many factors to consider that all of the facts can start to swim in your head. It can be easy to become paralyzed with indecisiveness when making an important decision. Don’t fall into this trap. There are several very simple ways to bring clarity to your decision and help you come to an obvious choice that you can be confident in. At times like these, the most important thing you can do is arm yourself with information and weigh the facts.
Know Your Rights When Picking a Moving Company

In the moving industry, nothing beats the trust that comes from being a large, local company involved in the community.  3 Men Movers is a Houston moving company that has moved Houston residences and businesses since 1985 with an established history of trustworthiness and expertise.

Check out these 4 steps to help you pick the moving company right for you.

1. Investigate.

  • Before you choose a moving company, do your research with the Better Business Bureau. You can search any moving company here by typing in the company name.
  • The best way to ward off rogue, dangerous movers is to do a very thorough check with directories and other sources online. If you are unclear of the dangers of rogue movers, read here to make sure what to look for in a mover you do NOT want to hire.
  • Remember, when deciphering moving company reviews, it’s also reasonable that a good mover will have some complaints. Look for a company that has a good amount of reviews and look to see that the company makes an effort to respond to their reviews. When a moving company is resolving claims online it shows they are customer focused and will work to fix any problems a customer may have had. Remember you are looking for a moving company that is established and moves Texans on a frequent basis. No mover is perfect, but you do want to find a mover that will work to make you happy and resolve the matter while gaining your trust.
  • While investigating movers, make sure the mover has insurance and is licensed by TxDOT. You should also look to make sure that the moving company has a physical address. Rogue movers typically work out of a truck or home and don’t have an actual physical office dedicated to the business. 
  • Any mover that does not have a physical address will not be on the Better Business Bureau website and will likely not be able to provide you with any of the above credentials or references.

2.  Communicate with your future mover.  Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns to the person you are speaking with about your move.  No matter their position, the person on the other end of the phone should be trained to walk you through the process and take the time to explain all costs and key steps of your move.

Relaying details of your home, apartment, or office will help your mover give you a clear picture of what to expect. At the same time, allow the expert to be the expert. If you are on the phone with an employee of an established, trustworthy moving company, this is likely not their first rodeo. Allow them to lead the call. Listen for them to ask you if you have oversized items or if anything you are moving is over 300 pounds or extremely heavy. They may also ask if have odd items such as pool tables, pianos, or gun safes. These questions are a good sign that a person you are speaking with is going to let you know any extra charges that may be associated with your move and is working to give you a clear picture of what to expect.

It is standard for some unusual or heavy items to have an additional cost. If you have any of these items and aren’t asked about them, speak up. You also want to mention any key logistic details such as elevators, parking, or building access hours.

3.  Shop around. It is a good idea to get multiple estimates, but understand that the best choice is not necessarily the cheapest quote.

This is why it is important to do your research and communicate with your mover. Don’t get sucked in with a cheap quote up front, only to get hit with a bunch of surprises later.
4.  Get the details in writing.  Typically a confirmation email should be sent out, detailing anything and everything about your move. At some point before your move starts, a contract should be presented to you. Read this thoroughly before signing and agreeing to your costs.

You will find that rogue movers and most craigslist movers will blow past providing any details in writing altogether or at the very most, be extremely vague. If you feel uncomfortable or if it seems like the movers are uncomfortable, recognize this as a huge red flag. When you are getting your quotes, be wary of any that are significantly lower than all the others.

Each moving company will have a different contract. Some have shortened contracts, some very long and thorough contracts.  The scale of the contract is not necessarily the red flag, look for the way the contract is written and how the terms and conditions are detailed.  You should be explained anything you are expected to sign. Each charge listed on the contract should be expected and understood.  Do not sign anything that confuses you.