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Realtor Spotlight Les Sherman

“With Les You Get More!”

Where It All Started

Les Sherman Realtor Spotlight

Meet Les Sherman, an experienced Realtor in the Austin area who opened and works for the Austin branch of Sherman & Company Realtors.

Becoming a successful Realtor was a natural journey for Les Sherman who grew up in Kerrville. His dad recently celebrated the 50th year of Sherman & Company Realtors. Les grew up with real estate and construction. At age 19 he got his Realtors license and at 22, his Broker’s license.

After graduating from Baylor, his real estate experience was further rounded out by working for a Savings and Loan and then for one of Austin’s largest appraisal firms…reviewing 3,000-4,000 real estate appraisals each year.

Then Les Sherman began a 14-year career with Re/Max before returning to his roots and opening the Austin branch of Sherman & Company Realtors.

Les is fortunate enough to have his two daughters, Audrey and Sophia, living nearby in Austin. He and his wife Lori enjoy country & western dancing, live music, cooking, and family events/gatherings.

Get To Know Les

What was your first car?

  • A 1971 Pontiac T-111 with a 350 engine. I worked summers in high school as a State Park maintenance employee to pay for it. It was a real fast car. I remember that I had to talk myself out of 2 speeding tickets. 

Your favorite restaurant?

  • Threadgill’s

Read any good books lately?

  • Blink and The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. 

Any advice for young Realtors?

  • Yes. In addition to being a knowledgeable Realtor, be prepared to also act as a relationship counselor in emotionally-charged residential real estate transactions. 

How about advice for real estate investors?

  • Make your profit up front – buy smart. Then plan your future expenditures carefully to ensure positive cash flow. 


Thank you for sharing Les!

Contact:   •   Twitter: @LesSherman   •   512-947-8333