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How Long Will My Austin Move Take?

How long will my Austin move take?

As moving day approaches, you might wonder just how much time your move will take. After all, you need to schedule your celebratory dinner once you’re done! While our Austin moving experts can provide an estimate, keep in mind there’s no guarantee that your move will be done by a certain time — so keep those dinner plans flexible! In general, your move time will depend on how prepared you are, how much your drive depend on I-35, how many people you have helping you and how many boxes and furnishings you need to relocate. Based on these factors, here are some estimates to consider as you plan your moving day.


The Average Move Time

We totally get it. Time is money, and you want to know how much you can expect to spend on your move! So we’re happy to offer you an average to go by. For a three-bedroom home that’s fairly clutter-free, is packed and does not require using an elevator or taking a long walk to the truck, you can expect four to six hours to load up the truck. Once that’s done, add the drive time to your new Austin home (we recommend doing a Google maps search at the time of day you plan on moving), plus two to three hours to unload.


Factors That Affect How Long Your Move Takes

Now you know the average move time. But who really fits perfectly into the average mold? Maybe you do have a three-bedroom home, but you also happen to have a grand piano and a pool table that need to be moved very carefully — which would take extra time. Or perhaps you have a six-bedroom home you never managed to fill with furniture, making your Austin move a little faster than average. Either way, it may take all day to load up your truck, or your move could be done by lunchtime. It depends on several details, such as the following:

  • How much packing you have left to do
  • How many boxes you have
  • How much furniture you have
  • How far the movers have to walk to the truck
  • Whether you have stairs at your new or old home
  • How far away you’re moving
  • How many movers you hire
  • What the weather is like on moving day


How You Can Speed Up Your Move

Time flies when you’re having fun…not when you’re moving! So your move probably won’t be as quick as you’d like, but you can speed it up by ensuring you’re prepared. You can start by being entirely packed before the Austin movers arrive. This means having your belongings boxed, sealed and carefully labeled to make loading and unloading go as smoothly as possible.


If you’re feeling too overwhelmed to start labeling your boxes — or you simply already packed your Sharpie — have professionals do it for you. Just let 3 Men Movers know ahead of time that you’d like help packing, sealing and labeling, and we’ll promptly send you our best packing experts to help!


Aside from being properly packed for a faster move, we advise you to hire three movers, not two. When you hire our teams of three, you can sit back and watch three moving professionals wrap your furniture, lift heavy boxes and stack the truck like a serious game of Tetris. You won’t get that kind of efficiency with two movers, and you surely wouldn’t have time to admire their packing strategy because you’d be too busy helping!


When you consider these tips on speeding up your move, you may be able to knock an hour or two off the average time. Hey, that means you might have time to start decorating your new home, take a nap or make it to Happy Hour once moving day is done. Whatever you choose, you’ll get to enjoy your new place a little sooner when you get the help you need on moving day. If you’re looking forward to getting through your move quickly, contact 3 Men Movers today for a free quote!

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