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Loved your movers, but can’t tip? We can help.

Loved your movers but cannot tip - we can help

Alternative ways to thank your mover without tipping

It’s common for people to tip their movers when they’re happy with the work…but let’s face it: the whole moving process can be expensive! Whether you’re buying or renting, you’re usually expected to put down a big chunk of money at once before you move in. Then there are utility company deposits, moving supplies and more. So no one can exactly blame you if you’re feeling a bit too broke to tip your Dallas movers right now! But the good news is that you can still show your appreciation without spending much–or any–extra money. Check out this Dallas moving company’s ideas on non-monetary tips for your movers.

Cold Drinks

Moving is hard work, especially when it’s summer in Texas. So your Dallas movers will sure appreciate you giving them some cold drinks during the move. You don’t have to offer them anything fancy. Cold water or sports drinks like Gatorade are worth their weight in gold on moving day!

Of course, most Dallas movers bring their own water with them, so don’t worry if you forget this little extra treat. They’ll still stay hydrated! But it’s always nice to get an unexpected cold drink when you’re working hard, so this may be the perfect tip when you want to show your Dallas movers your appreciation.

Healthy Snacks

Anyone who spends hours moving heavy items probably agrees: snacks are great! And they’re even better when they can give you a little extra boost of energy as you work.

So if you want another inexpensive way to tip your Dallas movers, have some granola bars, protein bars, carrot sticks or fruit on hand for snacks. Keep in mind that your movers will take a lunch break, so don’t feel obligated to buy them lunch or any snacks. It’s just a nice gesture if you’re looking for a non-monetary way to tip them.


You can also tip your Dallas movers by recommending them when your friends and family members need great people to help them move. Sure, you can simply recommend the company itself, but it’s even better to mention the movers by name.

After all, when your Dallas movers get repeat business–meaning new customers personally request them–it helps them make more money because they can get assigned to more moves. This is especially helpful during slower times, like the holidays. So this kind of tip may end up being more lucrative than a one-time cash tip, as it’s the gift that keeps on giving!


You can always keep it simple when it comes to tipping your Dallas movers. And that means just telling them they’re doing a great job. Everyone likes to hear this at work, right? This is especially the case in the service industry, which can be tough.

So let your favorite Dallas movers know what they’re doing right on moving day. Be specific about what you appreciate so they know to keep it up!


Maybe you already planned to write a review on the Dallas moving company you hired. But don’t forget to mention your movers by name on the review. This way, both their boss and potential customers will see what a great job they do.

Just as with personal recommendations, personal reviews on Dallas movers can lead to more work for the movers you like. So post your review on the Dallas moving company’s Facebook page, Yelp, BBB, Angie’s List and anywhere else where people will be able to see what a great job the movers did.

Now that you know how to tip your Dallas movers in a way that works best for you, it’s time to schedule your move! Contact our Dallas office to set up your moving day.

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