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Making Austin Moves Easy!

3 Men Movers Austin Moving Truck

We make moving easy in Austin! If you need a stress free move, call your local and professional Austin moving company! Do you still need to pack? We’ve got you covered!

When it is time to move, there are SO many things to think of. Vacating your old place, negotiating for your new residence, utilities, change-of-address, insurance requirements, scheduling a time, and finally…moving day.

It’s usually the last thing on a person’s list and, believe it or not, there are folks who have actually forgotten to book a mover for the big day. Just recently there was a husband who assumed his wife had taken care of scheduling movers for the following day. And, you guessed it, his wife assumed he had taken care of it.3 Men Movers Austin

Hiring a team of movers can be a daunting task. The first question is who to hire. Will they show up on time? Will they take extra care of the furnishings and belongings? Are they affordable? Will there be any surprises? Is their pricing fair?

At 3 Men Movers, we do not have any sales people. Instead, we have gathered a team of highly-experienced moving specialists who help walk you through your move. Second, instead of spending a lot of money on advertising, 3 Men Movers spends that money on hiring and keeping the very best movers! Many of our movers have been with us 10 years and longer.
Finally, 3 Men Movers makes budgeting for your move fair and easy. First there is a flat-fee trip charge to get our men, their equipment and their truck out to your place over to your new place and back. It is based on the Zip Code you’re moving from and to. Then there is an hourly rate that includes ALL 3 of our uniformed, professional movers (with a 2-hour minimum.) Anything over 2 hours is pro-rated in 15 minute increments. We’ve found that 3 Men will get the job done much faster than the traditional 2-man team.

The time does not start until they arrive at your location and you 3 Men Movers Austinsign them in. It continues as they carefully and quickly load everything into the truck – drive it to your new location – unload it…and you sign them out. There is no sales tax AND no extra charges of any kind. That is, unless you are moving something extra heavy such as a: piano, gun safe or pool table.

Helping make moves stress-free and easy has made 3 Men Movers one of the #1 independent moving companies in Texas for 30 years. To make things really easy, we will even pack you up and unpack you at your new place. So give our Austin movers a call today for a stress free move!