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Why is May National Moving Month?

May is National Moving Month

May is National Moving Month

If you’re planning to move this month you’re in good company, because May is National Moving Month. And in particular, if you plan to move to Texas you’re definitely not alone, as six of the 10 fastest growing counties in the country are in Texas! Whether you’re planning to relocate this month or later in the year, here are a few facts to consider about moving, hiring movers and more during National Moving Month.

May kicks off the summer, which is the most popular season for moves. That’s right. Even the Texas summer heat doesn’t stop people from moving! This is the busiest time of year for residential moves, and it’s mainly because parents usually want to get their move done before the new school year starts for their kids. Summer is so busy for moving companies that at 3 Men Movers, we experience about an 80% increase in the number of moves we do when comparing January to July. That’s huge!

The busy season ends as summer starts to wind down and everyone gets ready for fall, so moving companies are a little calmer starting in September. This means if you want a little less competition when it comes to choosing a moving day that works best for you, wait until summer’s over to move. As a bonus, the weather in Texas will be a bit more pleasant!

The Importance of Hiring Reputable Movers

One point we want to get across during National Moving Month is how critical it is for you to hire reputable movers. After all, in our more than 30 years of experience in this field, we’ve heard about a lot of bad movers with a habit of preying on customers. They end up botching the move, overcharging customers, damaging property or all of the above!

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the bad moving companies–we call them rogue movers–and only hire reputable movers. You just have to know the warning signs. You can see a full explanation of some common signs to look for by reading one of our blog posts, "How to Spot the Red Flags and Avoid Rogue Movers." But here’s a quick summary of the most common red flags of movers who are not reputable:

  • The price for the move is way under all other moving companies.
  • The website has very little information on it–and no DMV number.
  • The moving company doesn’t say its company name when you call.
  • There’s no DMV number on the side of the company’s moving truck.
  • When you find out the DMV number, the Texas DMV site says it’s not active.
  • The movers show up without a contract for you to sign.

If you notice any of these signs, you aren’t dealing with reputable movers! The consequences of this could include being overcharged for the move or even noticing damage done to your property–and considering rogue movers don’t usually have good insurance, you could be out of luck. So if you’re not sure if you’ve hired reputable movers, go ahead and cancel that move. Then call 3 Men Movers to either find out more about how to locate a local moving company you can trust, or to schedule your move with our crew!

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