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Moving During COVID-19 (What You Must Know!)

3 Men Movers is keeping a close eye on the ever-evolving situation around Coronavirus (COVID-19). Moving can be stressful on its own, and adding in the challenges of the pandemic can make it even more stressful. Here you’ll find questions and answers about what we are doing to help customers have a safer move.

This webpage will be revised as needed and as updates and/or changes occur in Texas.
The health and safety of our employees, crews, customers, and community are of utmost importance. 3 Men Movers recommends that you review guidelines from the CDC and State of Texas as additional resources.

Update March 3, 2021: The safety of our customers and employees remains a top priority. Our moving crews will continue to wear masks while inside customers’ homes. Our policy requiring employees and customers to wear masks when visiting any 3 Men Movers office or storage facility remains in place.


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Things to consider before your move

Yes, our moving and packing crews are required to wear a mask while inside your home.

Yes, moving is considered an essential service under the current Stay-at-Home orders across Texas. The state of Texas has not made an official directive regarding essential services and each city and county is making its own designation. San Antonio (Section 2. Subsection B, subsection ix) and Austin (Section B. Subsection F. Paragraph xxi) have clearly defined moving services as essential services. The Dallas and Houston orders consider moving to be an essential service under the Transportation and Logistics category.

Update 3/31/20: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order for the State of Texas. Though it is not officially called a “stay-at-home” order, Gov. Abbott has asked Texans to stay at home through April 30. 3 Men Movers will remain open as the order considers moving to be an essential service under the Transportation and Logistics category.

Update 5/1/20: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott allowed his executive order for the State of Texas to expire on April 30, 2020. Some municipalities including Austin, Bexar, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Travis counties are considering updating or extending local orders, though those are expected to align with requirements set by the Governor’s office. 3 Men Movers continues to be operational and is following strict safety measures to help protect our customers, crews, and communities.

According to the CDC, older adults and anyone who has pre-existing medical conditions (such as chronic lung disease, serious heart conditions, diabetes, among others) are considered at-risk. If you are at-risk we encourage you to delay your move. If you are unable to delay and need to move, 3 Men Movers has added specific safety measures to our already stringent policies. While it is impossible to 100% prevent the transmission of COVID-19 during a move, these new measures increase safety during a move.

Moving companies should take proper measures to make moving day safer for the customer and the moving crew. 3 Men Movers requires that moving crews who want to continue providing moving services must follow the new safety guidelines. We’re asking customers to help as well, by providing a handwashing station and cancelling a move if they are sick. Review all our safety guidelines by clicking here.

We ask that you cancel your move if: you have had or have come in contact with anyone who has had COVID-19 in the last 15 days, have traveled to a COVID-19 outbreak country during the last 15 days, or are showing any symptoms of COVID-19. We’ll save all your information and it will be easy to add you back to the calendar once you’re feeling better.

We ask that customers make available a sink with soap for moving crews to wash their hands. We also ask that customers practice social distancing by remaining six feet away from any crew members. Lastly, please wear a mask while the crew is around. Wearing a mask will ensure that everyone is safe while having to interact which each other. We have made it mandatory for our crews to wear a mask during your move to ensure your safety. We would greatly appreciate it if you wore a mask to help us keep our crews and customers safe.

Yes – 3 Men Movers is open for business. San Antonio and Austin stay-at-home orders clearly define moving services as an essential service. The Dallas and Houston orders define Transportation and Logistics as essential services.

We’ll support any crews that decide to stop conducting moves and self-isolate.

Our crews will be working with masks and keep hand sanitizer in their trucks. Each crew will keep a gallon of hand sanitizer on their truck for their use. In addition, we will be giving each customer an 8 oz bottle of hand sanitizer as a gift.

Every crew member is required to participate in a weekly temperature check and health screening using drive-through checkpoints that we have set up throughout Texas. If they visited a home with someone exhibiting flu-like symptoms, they must have their temperatures checked multiple times daily. Abnormal readings or symptoms require crew members to be cleared by a physician before continuing to work.

Crew Leaders are asked to sign a COVID-19 Crew Leader Pledge to follow safety guidelines.

Crew members are encouraged to wash their hands often for 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer with over 70% alcohol, and refrain from touching their faces throughout each day.

Stay-at-home orders are frequently confused with shelter-in-place orders. The orders from Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio are all stay-at-home orders. This means that residents and businesses are able to operate if they are designated as essential. 3 Men Movers offers moving services, transportation, and logistics, and is considered an essential business under the Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio orders.