Houston Heights

Houston Heights
is considered a haven for creative types, foodies, and architecture buffs, and it is said to have the state’s highest concentration of professional artists. So, if you are planning a move here, you are likely pretty overwhelmed with excitement. “The Heights” is special. It is a quirky neighborhood that has managed to distinguish itself from its namesake city, yet it offers an effortless commute to the heart of Houston. Living here gives you the best of both worlds. Now, you just have to figure out which Houston Heights movers to hire to get you here.

3 Men Movers was founded as a small family business back in 1985. Through the years, we have earned our trusted reputation, and we have grown into one of the largest moving companies in the state. Despite our growth, we still operate like that same small business we started out as to ensure all of our clients have a positive experience.

We move thousands of people every year, including many in this charming community. Folks hiring movers in Houston Heights naturally turn to us because they know they can rely on us to handle the job professionally from start-to-finish.

Houston Heights Moving Services

Houston Heights clients can also take advantage of these important moving-related services:

House Residential Movers in Houston Heights

Regardless if you have a small bungalow or a huge house to move the contents of, 3 Men Movers will issue you a moving concierge. This professional will be your go-to person, if you have any questions or concerns.

Our Houston Heights professional movers truly believe that our clients deserve the best service they can give. The majority have been with us more than a decade, which should tell you how dedicated they are to the company, and how committed they are to making sure every client is completely satisfied.

You may also be interested to learn that because of our large fleet and staff, we can handle a move of any size. If you have a larger home and other movers in Houston Heights have told you they will need to make several trips this is not a concern with us. If you need the move handled quickly, we can place multiple teams on one move.

Apartment Movers in Houston Heights

Some moving companies cater to larger residential movers. 3 Men Movers feels that all of our clients are of equal importance, especially in a time when so many are downsizing to reduce their carbon footprint. So, if you have an apartment move, you will get the same level of treatment, and this includes a moving concierge.

Do make sure you find out from the apartment property if you need to reserve the service elevator. If you need to supply a copy of our insurance binder it can be printed from our site. If you learn you need to have us park in a specific spot discuss this with your concierge.

More Texas Locations

3 Men Movers offers move-related services throughout Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Long distance services are also available.