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Where is Spring, Texas? The question isn’t as flippant as it at first seems. Spring is a suburban residential area, an unincorporated community 20 miles or so north of Houston. But the original town of Spring, now known as Old Town Spring, is less than one square mile located at Spring-Cypress and Hardy Roads. Although it may be small in size, the old Victorian buildings filled with shops and restaurants are the cultural center of the larger region known as Spring.

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The town was originally settled by farmers in the 1840s. Prior to that Spring had been primarily a trading post on Spring Creek. Spring remained so until 1871 when the Great Northern Railroad came to the town. Soon the population greatly expanded and boasted two cotton gins, two steam saw and grist mills, a post office and schools. At the turn of the century a round house was added for the railroad and the town expanded further. But eventually the round house was moved to Houston and Spring declined.

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By the late 1980s, Spring was undergoing a revival, as Old Town Spring became a popular tourist destination and Houston suburbs grew outward to make the town an attractive option for residents seeking a quieter life. Today the town is growing quickly, with Exxon’s plans to build a major facility in the area which will consolidate several of their locations across the country.

Spring residents enjoy a quiet life with numerous parks and a beautiful greenway. The town hosts numerous cultural festivals, including; Springfest Wine and Art Festival; the Texas Crawfish Festival; the Longhorn Rod Run, featuring hundreds of vintage cars from the fifties; PetFest; the Autumn Art of Texas Wine Festival; and Home for the Holidays which runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

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