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Moving with Kids: 6 Tips for a Smooth Move

Moving with kids - we've got the tips and tricks to make it as easy as possible

Children thrive with a consistent routine and environment. So naturally, moving with children while keeping everyone happy can be challenging. So, how can you help your children embrace and even have fun during the transition between homes? Focus on communication, positivity, and fun to help your kids embrace a new home with these six tips for easy moving with kids.


Follow these tips for easy moving with kids:


We like to say that surprises are for birthdays, not move days; your children should hear about moving from you first. This gives you the opportunity to control how information is delivered and handle your child’s response with openness and communication. Tell children before anyone else spills the beans and before potential buyers view your house.



Stay positive while letting your children know you understand their fears and concerns. It’s best to always model a positive attitude, even if you have some uncertainties yourself. Your confidence and a good attitude will make your kids feel secure and happy about the change.



Involve kids (especially teens and tweens) in moving decisions so they feel in control. If possible, include them when selecting a new neighborhood, home, bedroom, or school. If you plan to hold a moving sale, put the proceeds toward something fun for the whole family and let your kids decide what to purchase: a television, gaming system, foosball table, or tickets to a theme park near your new hometown.


Pet Plans

To further empower them, have your children care for pets during the move. Ask older children to ensure pets have packed their collars, I.D. tags, and favorite toys. Ask younger children to entertain, love, and reassure pets. Providing this calming support to their furry family members will, in turn, also calm your children.


Toys, Furniture, Clothing, and Keepsakes

Prior to the move and while packing items, be sure your children (especially young ones) understand what is happening and that they will have all of their belongings at their new home. Take pictures of your children’s rooms and try to arrange their new bedrooms in similar layouts.


Make It an Adventure

Exploring a new neighborhood, city, state, or country is an exciting adventure. Make fun pit-stops along your moving route and spend time as a tourist in your new hometown.


Although making the decision to relocate can be difficult, moving with children doesn’t have to be. Keep lines of communication open, involve your kids, and model a positive attitude to ease them into a new place while having fun at the same time.