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Moving with Pets & Keeping Them Zen

Moving Pets and keeping them zen

Whether you’ve had weeks or months to plan your move, you’re probably stressed about the process.

Now imagine if you had no time to prepare, and were told you were moving to a new home only as you were squished into a car filled with boxes.

Talk about stress!

And that’s exactly how your pets will probably feel on moving day–unless you make some preparations ahead of time.

So, if you want to relieve some of the stress of moving, consider these tips on keeping your pets relaxed, happy and safe while you wait for the movers to arrive.

Keep the Environment Relaxed

We all know moving is stressful, but you don’t need to broadcast that to your pets in the months before the move. They can easily sense your anxiety and will start to feel anxious themselves if they frequently see you yelling, crying, or hurriedly tossing your belongings into boxes. So it’s important to stay calm for the sake of your pets–and your belongings!

You can reduce your odds of feeling extra stressed by leaving yourself plenty of time to pack and clean. Don’t wait until the days leading up to your move. You should start decluttering and packing soon after you call local moving companies for quotes. But don’t do it suddenly and frantically. Instead, work methodically so your house gets packed up gradually enough that your pets barely notice the change. This way, there’s no sudden shift in their environment, allowing them to continue to feel safe and relaxed.

Prepare Your Pets to Travel

Another way to relax your pets before the movers show up is to make travel arrangements ahead of time. Will you be driving your car to your new home, with your pets next to you, or will you be taking them on a plane? Either way, you’ll probably need to use a kennel, which means you should spend some time getting your pets used to it if they’re not kennel trained.

If you’ll be driving to your new home, remember that you’ll need to stop often so your pets can go potty. Be sure to bring some snacks and their water bowl, plus some bottled water you can fill it with. If your pets have comfort items or favorite toys, bring those for them to cuddle with during the road trip to your new home.

If your pets will be flying with you, check with the airline for the rules regarding pets on the plane. You’ll want to know where they’ll be for the flight and what you need to bring, such as a kennel and any extra fees you have to pay for your pet to travel. Doing all this ahead of time can reduce the stress on you and your pets on the day the movers arrive.

Give Your Pets Time to Explore the New Home

Maybe you already did a few walk-throughs of your new home and know exactly who is getting what bedroom. But your pets probably missed out on all the fun and will feel lost for a bit when they arrive. So give them some time to explore their new digs! They’re going to need some time to sniff around the house and find their favorite spot.

To help your pets feel right at home, unpack a few of their favorite things and place them in whatever space will be theirs. Once they’ve had some time to look around, consider going on a walk around the neighborhood. And give them some extra attention once the movers leave and you’ve started settling in as a family. They’re going to be confused for a while, but they trust you. So as long as you seem happy and relaxed, they will, too!

Part of moving with pets and keeping them calm is preparing ahead of time, and you can get started by contacting moving companies for quotes as soon as you know you’re moving. At 3 Men Movers, we’ll gladly give you a free quote for our moving services, so contact us today!